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Mixing it up

So, just for kicks I thought I would try using different razors for different passes.
Not sure how many others do this as part of a daily routine.
Some of the benefits include being able to harness the specific qualities of a razor that lend it to a specific pass.
Anyone else tried to match the attributes of the razors they have to different passes?
My first attempt

First pass - WTG need a good razor to mow down the stubble, my trusty SE Mongoose came to mind, I am yet to find a razor that delivers a better first pass.

For the second pass - XTG thought I would use a Fatboy dialed to 7.
Nice and smooth results and could have left it there. But thought I would push things and go for a really close BBS.

This last ATG pass thought I about needing something with great regidity, mild and efficient. Two razors came to mind Gillette Post war Tech or an Eclipss Red Ring. Opted for the Red Ring and what a result, BBS all over.

I probably should have left my more sensitive neck area at 2 passes as some minor irritation when I applied the Allum block.

Might have to try mixing things up some more.


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The interesting thing for me is that I get a good/great shave with most any setup these days. As my technique has improved, the razor makes less difference than in the old days.
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