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Mixing EDT/C with unscented Thayer's to make AS?

I had a sample of ADP Colonia Essenza (5ml) that I mixed with 35ml of Thayer's Unscented Witch Hazel/Aloe. It smells great.

Is this a cheap way to make your own scented AS? I was looking for a YSL la Nuit AS and I guess I could just add it to Thayer's?

Is this just stupid home cooking here?
Sounds like a good idea to me. I might even try it as I have some frag samples sitting around and a big bottle of thayers!
I just realized I just made a Thayer's version of Fine Italian Citrus. Smells exactly the same.

I'm doing a YSL La Nuit tonight.
I am a big fan of the Thayer's mixed with essential oils to produce the best aftershave I have ever used!!

My wife got me some essential oil samples from Eden Botanicals to mix with the witch hazel- they sell 20-30 drop samples for around $2 each. According to other sites I found, you want about only around a 1-2% essential oil concentration in any finished product that is going on the skin. That amounts to 6-12 drops EO per ounce of liquid, or 72-144 drops in a 12 oz. bottle of witch hazel. I found that ~1.5% concentration is just about right for my aftershave -- it has about 3-4 hours of staying power without being too heavy at the start.

I added a total of 114 drops of my various oils to the witch hazel and it is perfect. Some popular oils to think about adding: Patchouli, Spruce, Cedar, Bay Laurel, Bergamot. I don't like florals or anything powdery smelling in my aftershave, so I left out any florals. That being said, some like a little bit of Rose, Chamomile, or Lavender.

Keep in mind that individual EO scents are classified into three classes: Top Notes, Middle Notes, and Base Notes. Top notes are perceived immediately after applying the fragrance. They dissipate quickly and don't hang around for long. Middle notes hang around longer and they are really the "heart" of the fragrance as they combine with the base note scent and temper it a bit. Base notes are those that make up the base character of the scent - they are the "heaviest" and will stay around the longest - without a middle, the base can be too cloying. Although, it's not all perfectly cut and dried as there are some that straddle the classes as top/middle or middle/base.

What you really want to do is to have one EO of each of the three classes. For example in 12 oz. witch hazel, you could add the following: 36 drops Bergamot (Top), 36 drops Bay Laurel (Middle), and 36 drops Cedarwood (Base) - that mix will get you a nice smelling aftershave with some staying power in the scent department. Some of the oils don't mix as well as others, so you will need to shake well before using each day.

It gets a lot more complicated the more EO's you add as you are trying to make everything play nicely in the scent without one overpowering the other.

Hope this helps!
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For some reason I just saw this post again. Thank you for the great write up Charles! Excellent info!
Interesting. Thanks for the insight.
I am one of those guys that's been waiting for Fine Accoutrements to release Italian Citrus, never had it but have heard nothing but good things.
Maybe I can make my own.... hhmmm.
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