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Mitigating lack of residual slickness

I started (re-started) an older puck of Arlington and discovered its lather is not as slick as I remember, despite all my efforts. Mind you, the previous soap spoiled me with an excellent lather. MWF did it.
So, it happens I like the Arlington, its scent and slickness are great, just that it falls somehow short of good residual slickness.

My solution when dealing with a stubborn soap is to apply a pre-shave. So far, the best pre-shave I have is the tried and tested Nivea cream:


I apply it on a wet face and continue lathering on top. The result is a low structure lather, slickest one can have, with an excellent post shave result.

I am curious if anyone has a different approach.


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Here are a couple of ideas.

I’ve been using a thin film of MdC 4-oil Marseilles soap under my lather and it has noticeably improved slickness. It can also be used as a brushless shaving soap. I tried it as a pre-shave/under shave/brushless product when I noticed that it was so slick it would slide off my soap saver when wet if the soap saver wasn’t perfectly level. It’s quite mild and is an excelllent hand and body soap too.

Not exactly what you asked for, but have you considered the Arlington cream? DRH creams are excellent.

Good luck in the hunt.


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I believe the Nivea is a good idea. May try it today. In the winter months when the heat is on, I use it before my aftershave.
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