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Mitchells Wool Fat Shaving Soap is no longer Tallow based

RIP Tallow MWF


My favourite tallow based shaving soap, which was cheap and easy to find in the UK is now reformulated into a palm oil based formulation.
Wow. You are right, I just got my order from Connaught last week with 4 pucks trying not get caught with my pants down on reformulation. I noticed the box was different but didn’t look at the ingredients.
Just looked..I can confirm tallow is no longer in the formula. 😢
I’m done!!! I’m no going to chase restocking, I now have 3 pucks of tallow and 4 of the new formula.
I did not shave with it, did palm lathering to get some preliminary understanding of the new formula
- scent is similar but the light “spiceness” is not there, it feels a little more floral. But scent is very light
- it lathers easier, ymmv as I have very soft water and I used a brush that has never failed me with mwf. But I noticed that I was able to generate lather easier
- It’s a thirsty soap, and adding water improved the consistency of the lather
- consistency of the lather looks to me about the same
- hands feel good, but not sure if it would translate to the legendary post shave feeling of the old formula
Net: it does not suck, but I reserve judgment until I can shave with it



I smell like a Christmas pudding
I do not personally use MWF but I often read that there are many great vegan shaving soaps. That being the case it makes one wonder why the remaining tallow soaps cannot be left alone for those that enjoy them. It is almost as if the wishes of one group of individuals are being forced upon another; I can't say I am surprised, there is a lot of that going on. Thankfully I have a supply of Yardley, Old Spice, Imperial Leather, tallow Tabac, and other vintage soaps that would last several lifetimes 👍
I reserve my judgement.

Being an optimist, I imagine it will shave as before, but will now tolerate any kind of water hardness. :biggrin1:

This outcome :thumbup: is as likely as the opposite :thumbdown, so I‘ll wait and see what consensus will evolve.

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