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Mitchell's Wool Fat (MWF): Optimization Results Help SOLVE the MYSTERY!

My life is too short to read all of this thread, but,


Just is wrong. (All bowl lathering is wrong lol"


It's foolproof. (For this idiot anyway)
Ev Wood: Great time saver. Take Hemingway's Old Man and the Sea. It is about an old man. He catches a big fish. Or Thoreau's Walden. He builds a cabin next to a pond and grows beans.
I'm going to give MWF another shot in the future. I'm positive that I was taking way too much time building lather with it, now that I've learned about how lather-building time should generally be minimized:

Lather Optimization Guide

There are many pictures here that show how the volume just kept increasing and increasing with lather-building time, and based on results with other soaps, that means that slickness was getting worse. The next time I optimize MWF, I will treat lather-building time as a variable and come up with the combination of time, hydration level, and total mass that works for me.
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