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Mistura May Madness 2023


I shaved a fortune
I first learned about natural bristle brushes from this thread last year. I did use a Vulfix super badger for a while I had purchased at a drugstore years ago with some shaving soap but I didn’t know much then and was using the combination with whatever Gillette cartridge razor I was using at the time.

I loved the two SOC Mistura brushes I had: Taj and Butterscotch handles. As time went on, I got a few 26mm badger brushes and grew accustomed to that size knot. Last year, on our first dental tourism trip to Bali, I brought along the Misturas. Lovely brushes but I found, I missed the larger knots. I ended up selling both on BST to help fund a Wolfman WR2 razor.

So a question: other than the Limited Edition brushes that show up every so often, does anyone make a great 26mm Mistura? I tried Maggard’s 70/30 knot but that one didn’t work out for me. Any other suggestions?
My 50/50 Ebay special, a restored Ever-Ready.

Is it badger/boar? The color looks like horse.

Definitely not horse. The seller described it as a 50/50 mix of badger/boar. He restores a lot of brushes, and I have two other vintage brushes from him, so I trust his description.

I've never used horse, but my understanding is that they tend to be floppy. This brush behaves very much like my Semogue Mistura: good backbone, good scrub, with a hint of prickly-ness.

I don't know the grade of badger hair, perhaps it is just black badger?
May 7

Razor: Fatip OC Slant
Blade: Gillette Nacet (5)
Brush: Semogue SOC Mistura (cherry)
Cream: Jack Black Supreme
A/S: Osma alum block
A/S: Tuff Green Splash (unscented) + Osage Rub


I've got a SOC two-band badger I would normally use with creams, but why not try the Mistura? Worked very well. A bit more scrubby, in a good way.
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