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Mission Accomplished - tobacco cellar complete!


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After receiving some reinforcements, to correct some Virginia shortages...


... I've had two tedious days of labelling, filling, and heat sealing Mylar pouches.

Each of the four bulk pouches in the pic, got split up into four pouches, and each of the Silver Flake tins got split into eight pouches. I also bagged up some 25g samples that were taking me too long to get around to.

I needed to upgrade to a slightly larger overspill box too, to accommodate the extra tins plus a great swathe of assorted pouches that wouldn't fit in the tobacco drawers.


I've used up all my excuses for shopping now. :lol: There's three years worth of Mylar pouches in the drawers, another three years worth of pouches in the cardboard box to top the drawers back up, plus all those tins for longer term ageing hiding below them in the box. I'm very glad to now have a better supply of Virginias amongst them.

I reckon that in three years time, I might be ready to start shopping again. Much smaller quantities though. I'll probably need a couple of aromatics by then. The Lakeland blends might need topping up too. I should still have a secure stash of everything else, but might want to add a few more bits of the favourites, to be sure they've had some age before I get around to smoking them.

It all depends on what I've been smoking most, and how kind time has been to them. There's still a chance I might go back to "pay as you go", and just pull out one of the aged blends as the occasional treat, extending the cellar by rationing what's already cooking, rather than perpetually stashing more away.


Remember to forget me!
Decided the big box approach is ridiculous. It's damn heavy, and not easy to find what I'm looking for. Going to try splitting it up into shoeboxes, divided up into blend types. That way, I should also be able to see at a glance what I'm running low on... or not smoking enough of.


Remember to forget me!
^^^ MUCH better!!!
(Why didn't I do that before?)

Four shoeboxes. One Virginia, one Perique, one with aros and Lakelands, and one with English/Latakia and dark strong Virginias and Burleys. Easier to lift. Easier to store. Easier to see how healthy the stocks are, and find what I'm looking for.

I even took some out of the drawers to put in those boxes, including samples I got that weren't that enjoyable on their first smoke, and tasted like they needed to mellow or mature.

The ageing drawer now just has one (12.5g) pouch of every blend that I have 50g of, and two pouches of anything I have a bit more of. As I've cellared wide rather than deep, that's still a surprisingly well stocked drawer.

The baccy drawer, which is the one I actually smoke from, just has the (8 x 10g) remaining pouches of samples I intend smoking fresh, and a pouch of anything which already has two years of age on it (15x 12.5g pouches). For good measure, I also threw in a 25g pouch of Revor plug, the only pouch of plug that isn't stashed away for longer term ageing. There's also the 10 small jars with an assortment of goodies in.

That leaves at least half a tin of every blend I own at least 50g of, in the shoeboxes for maximum ageing. Including Cavendish aromatics. I know the toppings might fade a bit, but they're all quality tobaccos, so I'm not worried about them turning to mush.
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