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Missed my chance

I've been thinking of getting a decent 12 gauge semi auto shotgun for a few years now. I have a fair number of shotguns, but they are all pumps or double barrels, no auto. Looking for an all around shotgun to do some hunting, trap, sporting clays, and maybe someday give 3 gun a try. And looking for a higher quality one, not a budget gun(but not super expensive either). I just got my bonus and decided it's finally time.

My problem is I'm fairly short (5' 5"), so very few models fit me. All those Benellis(and most others) with their 14.5" length of pull are way too long. If I'm wearing a jacket, I can barely reach the trigger.
Compact/youth models fit well with a 13" ish LOP.

I've been eyeing the Winchester SX4 Compact for quite while, and those feel really good to me. But I haven't seen any for a couple years now.
I recently found that the Mossberg 940 JM Pro and the Beretta 1301 Comp Pro both have adjustable stocks(with spacers) and have a 13" LOP with the spacers removed. After doing lots of reading and watching countless Youtube videos, I decided the 1301 is what I want. Except, you can't find them anywhere so I can't even pick one up to see how it feels.

They come in a 21" and 24" barrel options, and I want the 24".
The other night, one popped up on Gunbroker for a good price. I waited a couple days, then yesterday after work decided I'd gamble on the gun without ever holding one. I hit the Buy Now button, but my WiFi had disconnected since my laptop wasn't plugged in. After it reconnected, it showed that the gun was sold, so I was happy. I went to my Overview page and it didn't show up! I contacted the seller and he said someone else snagged it. 😭 I shouldn't have waited.
There are several of the 21" models out there, but I'm going to wait for the 24". There is one out there on Guns.com, but it is $250 higher than the one I missed.

So now I'll keep watching. More will pop up sooner or later. Pictures to come......... at some point.
I swore I read somewhere that Beretta came out with a 1302, but I cant find it on Google.
It's ok, bro...we get to a certain age & we're sure we saw...😁😜

Seriously, I thought there was something new in the 1301 series, but I haven't been keeping up.

OP, it would be an investment on top of the gun, but Aridus Industries makes an adaptor block so that you can mount a Magpul Moss 500 stock on the 1301, and you can get the 13" LOP with (IMO) a better handling stock. The Urbino, with a 12.5 LOP is also available.

I don't know if the 1301 kept some of the 1201's quirks(my last Beretta auto), but many parts were interchangeable with Benelli, or Benelli parts could be lightly modified, to make some controls more user-friendly.
I gave up on the Comp Pro since I've been unable to 100% verify the LOP. There's a Bass Pro Shop in Tennessee that has a couple of them, so I called and asked. The guy I talked to seemed very knowledgeable. He said LOP without the spacer is just over 14", and around 15.5" with the spacer installed. I'm not sure I believe that, as that would be extremely long, especially for a competition gun. But, at this point I'm not willing to drop $1,500 on a gun I've never held and not 100% sure will fit me.

So today I found a 1301 Comp (not Pro) with the 24" barrel, at a somewhat local gunstore. It was a great deal too, cheaper than anything I've seen online.

Without the spacer, the LOP is 13" (so 14" with the spacer). The 13" feels perfect to me. I think this should be a great gun for what I intend to do with it, which is a little of everything.

1301 Comp.jpg
My next to the Tuft & Needle is either:
Benelli Super Nova 12 gauge. Just slightly tricked out

Or a Mossberg 930. 12 gauge. All OEM except for the sling I installed.
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