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Please don't shoot me!
Just thought that there are some like-minded gents here that would be interested in adding another club to their signature.

This is in the very early stages in my mind so I don't have any requirements or stipulations - hoping folks interested would have some ideas as to what they may be and what we'd be called.

Yes I would be interested, however I think it would take a 12 step program to get me to qualify. Good luck to you anyway and I admire the willpower.
Just thought about this while shaving a second ago - The M.O.B.B.

The Minimalists of Badger and Blade
I think I would like to be in. I joined the sabbatical until summer thread and feel like I need to really focus on only using what I have in my cabinet and perhaps even settle only on one razor and then go ahead and start trying to use up one soap at a time. I haven't settled on a particular blade just yet and probably have at least a dozen different brands to chose from. Sometimes this hobby can make your head spin.
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Need a definition of minimalist; I have razors that I use in each catagory.
DE open comb
DE bar
Injector (I know, it's an SE)
Straight. Inherited from early 1900s, won't use until pivot pin is tightened.
I'm in, my whole goal going DE was to save money in the first place! +1 for the M.O.B.B name.
Yeah, thats a pretty common one. Lots of people here started with that lofty goal and then ran laughing into the sweet seductive embrace of the AD mistress... :001_tt2: I started simple, but then I found this site, and SWMBO turned into an enabler... :a47:I have to admire the people who keep this as a simple setup, just as I enjoy experimenting with different products hoping to satisfy the cranky mistress that is my skin...:a52: