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Minimalist approach after 55yrs SR shaving

Important thing to remember is that one person's edge might not necessarily work as well for one person as it does for another. Take for instance, chromox; personally - I dislike it as a finishing treatment. I do not prefer paste-maintained edges; they work, but I prefer edges off a natural stone. I think everyone should try chromox, and try other things too. It was experimentation with other approaches, compounds, etc showed me which way to go so my shaves meet my standards.

When I got here, the poobahs all said I only needed a Norton combo and crox... pfft... I'd rather shave with just about anything else, a Mach 3 gets me a better shave. Another example is Barber hones, lotsa fun but I'd pass on shaving off 99% of them 99% of the time. But some people like them, like crox, like diamond paste, etc - it's all good, just not for me.

As always though, I do love hearing when someone finds what works best for them. Balance is important, so it's good to keep the concept of individuality alive. What works for me might not work for someone else - and so on.
I like an edge off of a natural stone then both sides of veg tanned leather. I touch up my edges far more regularly than needed but I enjoy the edges I get a lot.
I keep going back and forth between finishing on natural stones (coticules) and pastes (CrOx and FeOx) out of curiosity, the pendulum is swinging back towards pastes at the moment, hopefully I'll find the perfect balance for my skin in a way that incorporates both as finishing stone and leather strop kind of got monotonous to me, now I'm going to try incorporating pastes again in a progression to see if I can somehow improve my coti edges, maintaining their smooth/mellowness while making my edges sharper for my somewhat coarse beard.
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