Ming Shi adjustable 3000s on the bay

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    Lol, I didn't completely read the entry. As I mentioned, I already knew a TTO wasn't for me. Thank you for pointing that out @emwolf... That made my evening. It totally makes sense for them to warn people, especially at this price. It's still funny, though.

    There's a post around here about an adjustable by Viking (emporer, I believe). That one seems to be much better quality. Also, it costs a lot more than this razor (maybe $50 or so?). Of course, at that price I imagine you can score something in a vintage Gillette.

    I guess the Ming Shi probably still has the market cornered in the $10-15 range. Just listen to the IB disclaimer... caveat emptor.
  1. Mine had a gap issue, I fixed it easily, I’m sure there are people that will be ok, if not, see my simple fix above. As I mentioned plenty of times here and elsewhere, great upper lip shaver, just as good as my Old Type on my upper lip and that is my best. Finish exceeded my expectations greatly as I paid just around $10 for mine on Aliexpress.

    I can’t say personally that it is as good as my Slim, but it is a fine shaver and as they say, YMMV.
  2. I think mine it's just defective, i try to shave with it last saturday, and no luck, i adjusted the spring chage the setting... nothing, bad alignment, and bad shave, that's it, i'm done with this razor
  3. Here's the disclaimer on the Italian Barber site:

    **PLEASE NOTE: This is a very inexpensive adjustable razor that is made in China. If you are going to buy this razor, do NOT expect perfection both in finish and mechanics and set your expectations accordingly. If you are expecting an adjustable like a Merkur Futur or Rex you are sure to be disappointed by the Ming Shi. We want to give you this note of caution because we sold a lot of the other Ming Shi 2000s and they are built to be cheaper inexpensive adjustable razors; they are fun to use but clients expecting high quality will surely not be satisfied. Please take a pass if you are picky about quality.

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