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Milkcrate's Musings

Started out using carts and canned goo, back in the 80’s and if I remember right, I was good at getting razor burn. Eventually got tired of that and moved into electrics. Electrics were ok, but didn’t give the best of shaves. I have wore out a few electrics in my day, but kept at it for a quick lazy shave. It was a chore.

Last November, my electric was dull and pulling hairs if I skipped a day. So on a whim, I jumped on the net to research DE shaving. Bought a Chinese set from the bay (my avatar): razor, brush, bowl and stand. It was all chrome, compact and looked classic.

Unfortunately, the razer had alignment issues and I was back to razor burn.

Back to the net I went and that is when I found B&B. I signed up in mid-November for a blade PIF. Since then I have tried to resist the various addictions, but dabbled just a bit. I have acquired a few razors, mostly vintage. I have also purchased a few brushes and soaps to try. More coming soon, just thought I would pen my progress.
First purchase since the stand combo was a vintage Slim, VDH blades and VDH soap. The Chinese combo had a bowl for the puck and I face lather. That combo worked well and I started getting decent shaves. Love the Slim.

The brush in the combo was a badger and the more I used it, the less I liked it. The brush had too much splay for my taste.

I kept the Slim and VDH soap and PIF’d the combo to my stepson. He was using disposable carts (budget brand and blade count). Then came the Omega boar and Vie Long horse brushes.
Thank you.

This past week was a good week. I scored a very nice SS and a Weishi (just for grins).

Compared the two and it was the Gillette, hands down. The Weishi has more heft than the Gillette and it has a nice finish. It does feel like a quality tool, but the shave was a fail. Will try it again at a later time to give it a chance at redemption.

Also identified my blade of choice. A years supply for $10.
Great start to your journal! I started with a MicroTouch One (rebranded Weishi), so I have a soft spot for those razors. It's terrific you have found your preferred blade, as well.
I will give the Weishi another shot next week, right now I’m taking the SS for a spin.

I am still new at this and trying to find my soap groove. I am working through a VDH puck and it is doing well. I also have an Arko stick and a tube of Cremo. The game plan is to try both of those and pick one for travel.

I have also ordered Proraso Red soap and AS to try. The last brand I plan on purchasing is Williams. Then it will be down to one of those three for home use.

I am trying to standardize quickly to keep my costs down. I purposely built my shave shelf on the small side to keep my AD to a minimum as well.
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Mugs, bowls and scuttles:

I have one mug that the Mrs bought for me. It has the VDH puck in it and I face lather, so no more purchases in this area.
Welcome to the journals! Nice score on the SS, and Astra SP's are my DE blade of choice as well. I've yet to find any other that competes in the same price range.
Thank you. I kinda took a shortcut on blades. I had tried a few: VDH, Dorco and Ming Shi (came with razor). Then I tried an Astra sample and knew they were a keeper.

Scored an Omega boar and Vie Long horse. Also have a travel boar brush, so I’m done in this area.
Got something new in the mail today.

Have never tried it, but may have to wait a few days. Still suffering a bit from that razor burn.

The wife really likes the scent. Haven’t tried it just yet, I’m waiting on Saturday.

Broke out the Ming Shi last night with an Astra and VDH soap. Every time I use that razor I am surprised by how well it shaves.
I usually shave at night because I hit snooze way too many times in the morning. Anyway I had a late offsite meeting today and could sleep in a bit.

Took the tech for a test drive for a quick two pass and got a DFS. I used the following setup:

Tech, new Astra SP, Vie Long horse and VDH soap. Guess I wasn’t paying attention and had my lather a bit too wet, but it got the job done.

Also ordered some D12 and D6 dice from the bay. So in 6-8 weeks, I should be able to count shaves per blades.
079CE308-7ABB-4A62-A9B1-2CEC3E829A66.jpeg Thought I would give the Tech another outing this morning. Same razor/blade pairing, with Arko and a travel boar. Followed it with Nivia AS balm.

Today was the standard three passes and it was a great feeling shave. BBS everywhere except a few patches around the Adam’s apple.
Today was a great shave...

Simple prep with a hot water splash. Set the ‘64 Slim on 4 and loaded a new Astra SP. Grabbed the Omega boar and the Proraso Red soap and AS. Got the lather dialed in quickly and it was slick and smelled great. Went with the standard 3 passes sniffing heavily the whole time. Finished it off with a splash of the Proraso Red AS.

Couple of notes to self:
That boar brush has quickly become my favorite.

That was the first use of the Proraso Red and it’s a keeper. It lathered and smelled great.

Looks like I can get by with a blade change every Sunday, so that is a great valve on that 100 count of Astra blades.

Looks like I am out of room for razors, so my RAD has also been cured. I am purposely keeping the shave shelf small to enjoy the shave. I will only need the occasional soap sample or restock existing soaps and AS.