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Mildest Blade?


I'm a Lumberjack.
I prefer a mild razor and a blade that is sharp enough but smooth too. My go to razor is a Karve B plate. I have over 13,000 DE blades in my collection so I've tried a bunch searching for the perfect blade for 'me'. Just to name a few good ones on the top of my list are Wizamet, Voskhod, Perma-Sharp Super, Gillette Wilkinson Sword (Saloon Pack - made in India version).

However, recently I tried one that I had very low expectations for and was blown away. Super-Max Super Stainless. Sooo smooth, NO nicks, cuts, irritation and a great shave. Just perfect. You never hear about this blade and they are very affordable. I bought 200 for $15 delivered on Amazon. It's one of my favorites and a perfect match for my Karve.
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I’m giving these a try. I found these marketed as blue and green. I’m getting the blue although there is no v on the box. Do you know the difference betythe green and blue?
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