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Mild or Aggressive Priority?

With adjustable razors and those which have a mild and an aggressive side, which side is used for the first WTG pass?
Of course the milder setting/side for the first ATG pass.

It makes sense to me for the first WTG pass to be mild, followed by an aggressive pass to catch what's missed with minimum irritation but I've read of others who make the first pass aggressive then follow it up with a mild pass for the fine work.

What's the standard procedure here?
I use a Gillette Superspeed set to max from the get-go. I've found that direction and pressure are the key.

I start WTG then ATG in a pattern that works for me, and then focus very carefully on those awkward bits. During the week I can lather, shave, rinse, alum, rinse, an moisturise a DFS in 5 mins. At the weekend I can take it slow and go for BBS.

As always, there is no standard procedure - enjoy the journey...
I agree that there is no "standard procedure" here. That being said; I always start with an aggressive setting on the WTG & XTG passes and maybe dial it down a bit when I get to the ATG / clean-up. I can get a great shave without dialing it down - I just have to be a bit more careful.
For adjustables, as each side shaves identically, I keep the same setting for my 2 pass shaves. Either a "2" or "3" on my Fatboy.
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