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Mild OC?

Perhaps the Merkur 15C is worth a try. You don't hear a lot about that razor but I hear it is mild.
It is definitely mild. I have a 15c but rarely use it unless my face is wind or sunburned. At best, I only get a near DFS from it, so it's no good for me. I believe it has negative blade exposure.
+1 On the Parkers as well since you're looking for a new school razor. The Maggard open comb head is supposedly the same thing, they look similar enough and they have the same number of teeth. Apparently comes from India too, which is where Parkers are produced.

The Maggard head will run you $16 while Parker razors are generally around $30.
Agree 100%. The Parker OC gives a safe, mild, yet efficient BBS shave even suitable for a beginner.
ATT M2 is mild, yet very efficient, close comfortable shaves , 2 passes Plus touch up.
I have one and completely agree. But if you want one, act quickly: ATT has discontinued production, and sales are limited to existing inventory. Perhaps Maggard's still has some in stock.
Another vote for the Razorock Old Type. However, I would buy the SLOC for $15 and then just add the old type head for another $7. Get to try both. But I personally like the old type better.
This may just be the most bang for buck suggestion so far. Eager to know what OP ends up getting.
For a mild open comb razor I would buy the Razorock Game Changer .68 open comb. I have not tried it yet, but I love the solid bar version of the game changer .68, and I'm planning on getting the OC version. They also have the .68 jaws open comb now too.
I used the solid bar for thirty days straight, and I found the GC .68 to be wonderful for daily shaving, and hopefully the OC version will be very good as well.
Best of luck in your search, and hope you find what works for you.
I'll throw my weight behind the Merkur 15C, Gillette New short comb, and RR Old Type. All great mild OCs.
Id go Merkur 15C or 1904. They both use the same head and are very mild. Another option would be one of the double open comb razors, be they Razorock, PAA or Yaqi.
Razorock Old Type is very mild, comes with a nice ss handle and is less than $20. Parker makes a good mild OC, choose the handle you like best they run about $30 +/- a couple of bucks.
Well, it ain't inexpensive, and it may not be your idea of mild (but it is mine):

ATT S2 it's a stellar OC slant razor, especially with a middle of the road blade like the Astra SP. (I didn't consider them middle of the road, but I have learned there are more aggressive blades out there.)

It's the razor I reach for when I'm too friggin' tired to do a good shave, or too rushed, or too whatever. You're still waving a sharp blade around near your face so some care is needed, but it gives a very nice smooth shave. When the blade is on Shave 3 & 4 it is sooo nice.

Sometimes I think it'd be worth adopting a 16 year old just so I could have him take the first two shaves off my blades for me. Then I remember what I was like at 16, shudder, and think of other happier things.

Razorock "old type" or the SLOC, those are good and easy on your face. I did not notice much difference in the RR OC 0.84 vs 0.68, just use the 84....


I enjoy OC razors. I only have 1 OC razor that I consider a daily driver, though. It’s a vintage Hoffritz OC.

I also am a huge fan of Fatip and Schone razors, but can shave with them about two consecutive days before needing to give my skin a break. I tried a Timeless .68 OC a while back and wasn’t crazy about using a razor that still fell like a safety bar razor. I also used the Bronze OC which I liked more, but still wasn’t worthy of being a daily driver.

Curious, what are some nice and mild OC razors that can provide great shaves every day? Preferably new school razor suggestions.
The Fatip Lo Storto Originale slant, especially when paired with Bolzano and Silver Star blades, is definitely suitable as a daily driver. :)

Something to consider.

Just my opinion and YMMV. :)
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