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    I was just wanting to know if anyone has tried Mike's Natural Soaps? If so, what has been your experience with it?


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  1. Just go ahead and buy the scent of your choosing. Mikes is good stuff. You won’t get huge volumes of lather without a little work but it is a very good soap and well worth trying.

    You actually inspired me to get out my run of orange, cedar wood, and black pepper for tomorrow’s shave.
  2. Mike's it's awesome, it makes a very creamy, low structure lather that is super slick and has great post-shave due to the butters and oils. My only complaint is that I find it a little light on the scents and sometimes I smell mostly the kaolin clay more than the fragrance.
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    I agree with the above, a terrific soap! The marketing and labels won’t wow you, but the performance is excellent and the scents very well done!
  4. Yep, Mike's has been around a while and his was the first "artisan" soap I tried many years ago. Mikes has been in my rotation ever since. I've tried several scents over the years but his Orange Cedar and Black Pepper is my favorite. Mike's is good shave soap, a solid choice.
  5. Mike's is a very good soap IMO. Low on cushion, which is just the way I like it. I've only tried 'Lime' but the scent strength, on the lighter side, was about perfect to me. I think that I would really like that 'Orange, Cedar wood, and Black pepper scent.
  6. For me Mikes was the artisan soap that started it all and left a whole bunch of others in the dust to never be used again. A great soap.
  7. +1

    Started using Mike’s way back when he first started up and still use it today. A great soap that I use as my yardstick to measure other soaps against.
  8. Great soap. I use the unscented almost exclusively. Lathers like a champ without a ton of work. I like the smell of the Kaolin clay as well. I dont like the metal tins, but I've heard hes gone with plastic now. That means I wont have to transfer it. The metal was too hard to open for me.

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    The soaps have got my very best recommendations.
  10. I've been using Mike's since he first appeared on the scene and it is still my favorite soap! I've tried most to the new artisans but I still find Mike's to be the best for my face. His Hungarian Lavender is my favorite of all his scents .
  11. Mike's is a superb shave soap. I use his Barbershop scented soap often but I also like his OC&BP quite a bit as well. Fantastic slickness, awesome cushion and stellar performance all around is a given with Mike's Soaps in my experience. There is a reason he has been around this long. Great products!!!
  12. The quality of these soaps is very high. If you do not have a synthetic brush, or something like a stiff boar brush, you will have to really work to lather this soap. But with synthetic, it lathers with just a bit of extra effort and makes a very nice lather. It takes water much better than some other soaps. You can really see the shininess on the surface and it becomes very, very slick when you give it the right amount of water.

    The face feel is pretty good, as is the post shave. Probably due to the lanolin and shae butter. I don't really enjoy the two scents I have all that much (Barbershop and Lime). They are decent, but are not favorites in terms of scent. In terms of pure performance, the Mike's is in my top tier. Recommended for sure.

  13. I went ahead and decided to order from Mike's Natural Soaps. I ordered the Lavandin & Eucalyptus shave soap and am looking forward to it.


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  14. Great soap that obviously has lots of fans here. Performance is really good, but I especially like the scents. My favorites are orange/cedar/black pepper, coconut, lime, and Hungarian lavender. Mike's soaps seem to last forever for me.
  15. +1 on all.
  16. Great soap, great guy.
    Orange, Cedarwood & Black pepper
    Rose, Patchouli & Cedarwood

    I'm chomping at the bit for Bergamot, Orange & Ylang-ylang. I bought a sample a few months ago and just loved it. Why not just get it now? Trying to keep my addiction in check, my wife too. :001_rolle
  17. Mike's soaps are in my top 3 or 4 favorites. It's the soap I compare others to and if it is not as good or better then it will most likely not go into the rotation. I love eucalyptus and lemongrass and oc&b. I just this past weekend bought barbershop and can't wait to get it. Mike's is an all around great soap.
    Happy shaves
  18. Mike's is my "gold standard" to which all other soaps gets judged.
  19. In the last week or so I inadvertently used Mike’s soaps for the majority of my shaves. Used bay rum, pine & cedarwood, orange/cedarwood/black pepper and bergamot/orange/ylang-ylang. I’ve always though his scents are not the strongest but definitely nice, and could be considered “safe” but never over the top or questionable like other artisans might do every once in a while with scent combos. If you give it enough water you should be rewarded with consistently great lather and post shave feel.

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