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    GEMonday today - a new PTFE in my english 1912.

    I’m settling into a rhythm with how I use my two GEMs. First two shaves on a PTFE are in my 1912 - it tames the intensity just enough. Then, I transfer the blade to my MMOC to run out the rest of the blade’s life.

    I have been using a couple of Yaqi synthetics recently - a timberwolf and a plisson. I think they’ve inoculated me against BAD - they’re so good, and they’re cheap as chips.
  1. Congrats on finding a rhythm that works for you. Many of us have also adopted that strategy of "breaking in" a new PTFE blade in a milder/gentler razor -- for me it's the GEM Feather Weight as the blade-tamer. And I couldn't agree more about the Yaqi's. I only use synthetics, and I have a Plissoft and Timberwolf, along with a faux-horse and mew-brown....every Yaqi I try, I fall in love with.
  2. Yes, a brand new PTFE in an MMOC is a wild animal, isn’t it. You can tame it with very steady hands and patience, but the risk you’ll get bitten is just a bit high for my liking.
  3. Congratulations!!! I've got a Gold "bumpless" MMOC and it is an awesome shaver -- can't really tell the difference between it and the "newer" MMOC, but I'm happy to have every version I can get my hands on when it comes to this excellent razor!!!
  4. Having the early version, circa 1930 according to the excellent timeline our fellow GEM users put together for us, was my reason for bidding.
  5. I’ve only had an MMOC for a month or so, and I’ve yet to have any mishaps with the PTFE blades or the carbon blades - new or otherwise. I don’t find it to be difficult to tame at all. I find the Fatip OC’s to be much more likely to bite.
  6. Since ASR didn't use date codes or serial numbers all the dates are based on whatever advertising or catalogs we've been able to find,,,and therefore subject to revision. Just for the record.

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  7. Had a nice close shave with my Micromatic Bullet Tip with Guiding Eye and a GEM PFTE blade (2 flipped). Two passes with a little bit of touchup resulted in an irritation-free BBS.

  8. 2B46F85B-A16D-4126-BA7E-1791E993DBD0.jpeg Good Micromatic Monday all!! MMOC for the second pass and was as smooth as silk.
  9. So far, so good on our GEMonday / Micromatic Monday -- I may be shaving later in the day (versus earlier), but it'll happen and I'll be back to share!!!
  10. Ron R

    Ron R Contributor

    Good morning this GEMonday here in sunny Alberta Canada. Had to take my JEM(ER)Streamline jewel out for a spin and it gave a close shave. It has been one of the hardest Gem razors to master and the Alum block indicated some irritation but no weepers. CCS>DFS>BBS results IMO = reasonable shave.
    Razor: GEM (ER) streamline
    Blade : GEM Personna SS PTFE (7)
    Soap: Italian barber Amici
    Brush: Razorock 24 mm Plissoft (nice brush)
    Pre shave: wet the face+warm wet wash cloth X 2 for 40 seconds + Aloe Vera gel
    Post shave: Alum + cold water rinse
    Post shave: Proraso green Aftershave + Nivea balm
    GEMonday May 20-2019 (2).jpg
    Have some great shaves!
  11. Love that Stream Line!!:)
  12. So I'm not far from each end of the spectrum. Some day I would really like a Zinn.
    I thought there where 3 versions of the contour.?.
  13. SOTD GemMonday - PB point blank

    A relaxed, and relaxing first outing for my user-grade $5 Pushbutton

    1 GEM flipped, I haven’t been counting the shaves. This blade will get another chance in the Shovelhead. If it doesn’t cut it in that fine razor, it’s off to the single edge stash in the shop.
    2 Semogue boar
    3 Williams Mug
    A mild shave, but a little overworked while playing with ‘flat against face’ and then looking to the touchup to reach DFS (didn’t make it there). Too much time on my hands this morning? Or just avoiding the current plumbing project lurking in the basement?
  14. Just a reminder, this user grade MMOC is available as a pass around if anyone on this thread wants to try out an MMOC without shelling out $$. Shipping beyond CONUS might cost you...
  15. By popular demand (or I guess limited suggestion), I used a new-to-me Gem Jr Bar 1910 version and Micromatic Open Comb (post 1930 -- with "bumps"). The soap was a Men's Soap Company Bay Rum and the brush was my RazoRock Plissoft Beehive (28mm), and finished with Krampert's Finest Bay Rum Aftershave.

    A few words about the Gem Jr Bar: I'm not really sure if it is a 1910 or not -- so if someone knows, please weigh-in. Basically, there is very little writing (no fancy script on the back of the razor), just plain block lettering of GEM Junior Bar (as you can see in the photo). This razor has seen some action, and I would not be surprised to learn if it were taken to the front in WWI and then went back for a stint in WWII....it has plating loss and the swing arm isn't nearly as tight as my earlier model. The blade clip still works, but this is a rough-and-ready user model. The original handle appears to be steel (not brass), and it's on the long-side -- sorry, no photos of the handle but I'll post some one of these days. I used my modern wooden handle which was inspired by older wooden handles.
    IMG_1765.jpg IMG_1764 (1).jpg IMG_1766.jpg
    One more disclaimer....I've been using a Pal Injecto-Matic for the last few shaves, and the angle on that is much different than the SE GEMs. I did a first pass with the Gem Jr Bar and it was not great. I had trouble finding the angle (and I NEVER have trouble finding an angle with any GEM), and the dang swing arm would actually get caught on my face and try to flip open. It was a comically bad pass, but I got through it and with some (not much) growth knocked down. Then I put the MMOC on the job for the rest of the shave (2 pass plus a touch-up) and got a CCS-DFS-BBS shave.

    So I'm not drawing any grand conclusions at this point about this model of Gem Jr Bar, but the youngster out-worked the senior on this shave. I'm going to try a shave with a newer blade (this one was a 7+ use GEM SS PTFE), the original handle, and really concentrate on the angle and overall technique I may also do a head-to-head with the 1907'ish GEM Jr Bar vs this one and see if it's really a technique thing, or if my veteran has a war wound that is causing performance issues.

    All in all, it was an interesting (and still enjoyable) GEMonday & Micromatic Monday!!!
  16. John -- I'd be interested in hearing how your PB does with a newer blade. I found mine a touch too mild, and had the same "overworking" problem with a final shave being less-than-DFS. The razor is fine when I pair it with a Schick E2, a Feather Weight or pretty much anybody else who can take up the slack, but on it's own I wasn't bowled over.
  17. There may be 3 versions, but I've only run across people referencing the Contour and the Contour 2....but goodness knows that I'm far from an expert on these things. As for a Zinn, I've chased a couple, but they always ultimately exceed my budget....I'm hoping to find one in the wild some day -- perhaps being sold by a person without an internet connection or any knowledge of razors.
  18. I've heard the Streamline has a rep for being a bit of a beast unless and until you master the technique. It is an absolute Beauty though, thanks for sharing!!!

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