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    Had a reasonable shave with my MMFW(MMBT or guiding eye....) great daily driver if that is what you want, it should get a person in CCS,DFS,BBS range most of the time.
    Razor: Micromatic flying wing or bullet tip or guiding eye:thumbsup:
    Blade : GEM SS PTFE (6)
    Soap : Razorock Lavender
    Brush: Razorock Plissoft
    Pre shave : Wet the face and Aloe Vera gel
    Post shave: Alum + cold water rinse
    Post shave: Fine fresh Vetiver:001_wub: + witch hazel + Nivea balm
    Results : CCS,DFS,BBS
    MMMonday July 22-2019 (2).jpg
    Gem instruction manual (2).jpg Gem procedure (2).jpg Blade review Revision #5 Dec14-2018.jpg For folks who purchased a used razor with no instructions, these pamphlets might help your shave!
    Have some great shaves!
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  2. Good things and bad things this weekend. I was supposed to be flying my friend's glider yesterday but I had to cancel because my girlfriend's sister decided to pop her sprog that day so we went to see her instead. I may have lost a really cool picture of a flying Micromatic but I have gained a niece, which I think is a fair trade. She's called Lola and she is the tiniest thing :) nearly half the size my son was.

    I think I'm finally going to have to change my blade, after a month or so, shave was a little rough, so I had to finish off with my 1912.

  3. Congrats on the arrival of Lola!!! And you managed a Daily Double (albeit unintentionally) for a Micromatic Monday and a GEMonday!!!
  4. Ok I compared my razors and my Bakelite baton handle from my gem Junior is to big a thread for the squat head razor that came in this little gold colored case pictured here from my last shave.

  5. GEMonday here. I think I have been guilty of shaving while distracted recently. Today I started unscrewing my Gem 1912 handle to open the head.

    Meta-shaving - thinking about general or theoretical aspects of razors and shaving, instead of the task at hand.

    Thanks to @NoScrubs for releasing this super-shiny 1912 to my care.
    Kept it simple, Cella and boar, two pass and touch up DFS.
  6. Nice MM, friend :a29:
  7. That's a beauty, and a nice brush too. Also I really like that marble bowl.
  8. Gemonday here too. The last time I used my Gbar I wasn't impressed, it was a bit harsh. I figured it may have been the blade, so I gave it another chance today. The shave was a bit better than last time but let's just say this razor would not make my top 10 maybe not even top 40, although I'm not sure how many razors are in my collection. The Gem Jr. On the other hand did excellent with the same blade for the second pass so I know it wasn't the blade. And ofcourse Mer shaving fougere bay and the two band badger performed flawlessly.

  9. 8C409529-3ADB-47EB-BF16-37A216EE3526.jpeg While I didn’t shave with it today, I did receive it today. Handle is a bit beat up (loss of playing) but the head is in great shape. It also came with, what I’m assuming, a brass plated case that needs a cold cleaning.
  10. This is turning into a VERY strong Micromatic Monday / GEMonday -- thanks to all who have shared so far!!!

    My contribution is a GEM 1912 "squat curved" head. The curve sort of reminds of some Damaskeenes I've seen (and have), and I really like the way they shave. The little guy below did a very nice job, but I've been shaving with an uber-efficient (and shockingly mild) Magazine Repeating Razor (aka Schick Type A) for the last week, and I'm starting to lean towards more razors that are more efficient. This "leaning" is probably because I will easily over-shave trying to get to a crazy smooth feel. I say I'm happy with a DFS, but I am secretly a little disappointed if I run my hand over my face and feel even just a hint of stubble.

    So by way of comparison, I would do 2-passes and a light-spot-touch-up with the Schick Type A and come away with an irritation-free, super-close shave. I really thought this would be a "safe queen collectible", but the hand-loaded Schick Proline B20 (thanks @GAW9576 for the referral on that blade) was easy to load and a real pleasure to use, and had it not been Micromatic Monday, I probably would've kept using it. If someone asked, "quick, what's your favorite Schick?", I think I would blurt out "Type A!!!" I really like my E3, H1, L1 (with Japanese twin), and I have 3 other "types" I haven't tried yet -- but older tends to be better for me, and this one is awesome!
    IMG_1952.jpg IMG_1938.jpg

    Wait, am I in the SISSIE area??!??....No?...sorry, I must've blacked out. Okay, today is Micromatic Monday / GEMonday, and so my little "squat" made it's debut. It is significantly milder than the Schick -- 3-full passes plus an almost-full-face-touch-up to get a CCS-DFS-BBS. Perhaps the GEM blade (SS PTFE) was on the dull side -- I have a question mark next to my hash marks, which means I'm pretty much guessing as to how many shaves the blade has had -- my guess is 3, but it's probably closer to 10 -- who knows? As to technique and smoothness, the little squat head is very easy to handle and use....it was also very mild without a hint of aggression (no blood at all); but my over-zealous shaving earned me some post-aftershave irritation (which did disappear after about an hour.) All that to say, it was very good GEMonday, and I'm glad I discovered this little 1912!!! I suspect it would be a fine daily-shaver for me as long as I curbed my over-shaving tendencies, and it's a great travel-sized razor.

    Here is today's shave setup:
    GEM 1912 "squat head with curved face" razor | GEM SS PTFE (3?)| Haslinger's Schafmilch | Yaqi 24mm Mew Brown Synth | Krampert's Finest Frostbite after shave (not pictured)
  11. Very cool -- looking forward to hearing how it shaves for you!
  12. My Gem 1912 with Gem PTFE (3) and L'Occitane Cade lathered with Luxury 10-5
  13. Congratulations on the new niece.

    That looks like the same razor and case I have, it's a great shaver.

    Ok I'm jealous of that schick, and that is a sweet looking little squat head. Mine has the flatter cap. I need to do some straightening on my Damaskeen but if i remember correctly it has the curved cap.
    The proline B20s are terrific blades, glad you are enjoying them. Sometime I will try one in a Gem razor. As long as that won't get me banished for heresy.
  14. Had a not-quite Micromatic/GEMonday with my new Ever Ready 1914 (with a new GEM SS blade), paired with Stirling Gentleman and my badger brush. Fitting, since by the time I shaved it wasn't quite Monday anymore. My first time shaving with it, and it did fairly well for me. Drew some blood on my neck, so the alum burned there but not much on my face. Overall a good shave, and I'm sure with practice it will improve.
    20190723_024221.jpg 20190723_024232.jpg
  15. Did a three pass this morning with the same PTFE blade as in my MMOC and it was amazing. Either I'm getting better or the 1912 shaves better for me. Only time will tell.

    It really is, I like the shorter handle compared to the MMOC.
  16. That's funny, I like the handle but wish it was longer. I was thinking about trying a magic eraser on the bottom of my case to see how it does cleaning it up. Let me know what you use on yours and the results.
  17. I like the ER 1914 (aka Little Lather Catcher) as well, and I'm sure you're right that more time with the razor will undoubtedly improve the shaves.
  18. Thought I would update on my little 1912 I got last monday:


    The head and handle didn't get much cleaning, just a nice scrub down. There is quite a bit of plate loss on the handle, but that's ok. The little case, turns out to be solid stamped brass, got an extensive cleaning. First I had to get all the surface dirt and gunk off with dish soap, vinegar, brasso, and lots of elbow grease. After the surface gunk was off I could see the inside was lacquered, and much of that was gone. So I went about stripping the lacquer with an acetone soak. Followed that up with a scrub down with some 0000 steel wool, and then another scrub down with a soft toothbrush and dish soap. Finally took some more brasso to it to give it that final shine. All in all it turned out great. Just some minor stains from years of neglect.
  19. Looking great!
  20. Wow -- I need to send you some of my razors and cases for cleaning -- well done, sir....VERY well done!!!

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