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    I don't remember what is different about the 1912 minuteman but the 1912 Is a great razor.

    My back is still tender but much better than Wednesday when I re-injured it after it was feeling a lot better from the re-injury the Friday before. On Wednesday I only had cake for breakfast then went out to work on my lawnmower, after I pulled the muscle I went inside soaked in a hot bath and laid down. I didn't get up for lunch or much else till around 5 when my wife was home and some friends dropped by to give us something. I didn't want to be rude so I hobbled downstairs and ended up getting really light headed from the combination of lack of food and the pain, I ended up passing out three times. Luckily I felt it coming and sat down first.
  1. I hope that you won't require Micromatic back surgery.
  2. Yep it’s Flying Arrow Archery Club, in upstate NY near Hamlin... it’s an old lapel pin from the 70’s.....I use to shoot there when I was a teenager..
  3. Tore my face up yesterday with an attempted 3 pass with my MMOC and Gem PTFE blade...it was bloody lol. Took the day off shaving today to let it heal so hoping tomorrow will be my first Micromatic Monday.
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    Do we need to call 911? lol

    Same for me several weeks ago. Later that week (same MMOC) I hand stropped a new Treet Carbon blade slowed down the stroke and had an acceptable result. Not a super result but a result that encouraged me to try my Damaskeen and not abandon GEMS before more practice.
  5. Oh wow, I hope Monday’s shave is better.
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    GEM's are a different experience from DE's. I know that is an obvious statement but if you have been a DE shaver
    your first experience is like learning to drive again (stick shift not automatic transmission).
    As you continue to shave with a GEM is gets better and most important you get more confident.
  7. I thought they were designed to not cut you up. Luckily these two recent injuries are just strained muscles. A few years ago I tore the muscles across my lower back and down to my left knee twice in the same year, about six months between the two injuries. That was a very pain filled year.
  8. I shaved with my mmoc a few times last week, good shaved, but that was with some off brand carbon steels. These PTFE blades are vicious and I wasn’t quite prepared for it. I’ll try again tomorrow, but not against the grain, probably use my fattip for that.
  9. The SS blades are commonly harsh the first shave or two, many people use a milder razor like the feather weight fir the first few shaves to tame them. I have found that an extensively light touch helps with the first shaves with a new blade. But sometimes I just forget to concentrate on it and end up with a bit of razor burn still.
  10. Are you using the recommended angle from the GEM instructions?

    GEM instructions1.jpg
  11. I've said this before, the MMOC served me well when I began to use a shavette and later a straight razor. A flat angle and little pressure allows the blade to do the work. The PTFE lets the edge glide.
  12. So I'm not sure that I have a "Minute Man" -- actually, I'm sure I don't have one -- it appears that a Minute Man comes with a specialized case, which I don't have....assuming I'm understanding Waits' Compendium correctly. What I do seem to have is a GEM "squat head" or "flat head". You can definitely see the difference in this picture. Left to Right is my GEM "squat head", GEM "regular right" and GEM Damaskeene Closed Comb:
    IMG_1955 (1).jpg
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    Another way to check is if you GEM handles fit what you think is a Minute Man it is not a Minute Man. The MM is closer to an M4 thread vs the M5 thread.
  15. Thank you....very helpful! And you've clearly got a Minute Man, really beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!!!
  16. FFC491CF-B278-4525-90B5-07A10C739774.jpeg

    First micromatic Monday. Not a horrible shave but did end up doing my third pass with a Fatboy set to 2.
  17. I will have to compare my Gems now. The handle I have looks like the one on your squat head, and I remember thinking the razor seemed smaller overall but I never put them side by side.

    Thanks for the info that is a sweet razor set. I've seen something that looks similar in a clamshell case is that a different set all together.

    Glad to hear there is improvement. Once you get the technique with these razors dialed in they are great shavers.
  18. There are at least two short handle squat head versions, curved and flat top, and reports suggest more variants even within those subcategories.

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  19. Thanks for the info. It would be hard to collect them all. Glad I'm not trying, just enjoying the ones I do get and curious what I have.

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