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    Thanks and I will try the star with a standard Gem blade as you suggested.

    That's funny, I got emails in both Japanese and mixed Japanese and English.
  1. You’ve got me on the lookout for a Peerless, now!
  2. Just do a search for gem micromatic razor and count the teeth on anything that says Clog Pruf on it. You won't find them listed as peerless. That is just a labeling designation I use to distinguish the 2 variants since this one only came in the peerless sets sold in 1946. They are fairly easy to obtain at the same prices as what micromatic open combs go for on a certain auction site.

    For the record my second best SE razor is Gem Micromatic open comb. The regular Clog Pruf is not even anywhere near these 2.
  3. Okay, it wasn't just you. I was surprised to see @GAW9576 post that LC myself.
  4. Congrats on the LC, brother man. Impressive amount of lather it caught. :a14::a14:
  5. Very nice MM and DD you had yesterday. :a29:
  6. The wire that I used to hold the brush and razor is covered by rubber tubing.
  7. Thanks @Twelvefret and @Flintstone65 I traded several straight razors that weren't getting any attention for the Five razors. I am now down to two straights that I just can't let go and two that are decent but my friend wasn't interested in. Plus two shavet stile straights. There is only one of the ones I traded that was hard to let go of, but that Star makes it less painful. Now if I can just dial in the shaves with the Star to make them less painful.:lol:
    I will definitely give a standard gem blade a try like you suggested @Flintstone65. But I think my next shave or two needs to go to some tried-and-tested milder razors.
  8. So, the Star is painful?
  9. I understand that. I'll admit to be heartened that you had to "adjust" your wedge-maker....I picked up a whole set on Etsy and haven't found a fit between an LC and the de-spined-plastic-encased "wedge". I found the shave with just a plain ol'GEM blade to be very good and much closer to younger SE's. That said, the only razor I've found that can truly tame a brand-spanking-new GEM SS PTFE blade has been my new AutoStrop (no explanation why). The GEM Featherweight is my next choice for face-corking one of those bad boys. The only other thing I'd say is it's a VERY light razor (as you know), so I have to be extra cautious to not apply any undue pressure -- but you're also a "straight" shaver, so I figure you know all about that stuff. In any case, I think taking a break to go mild is a good call.
  10. One more piece of unsolicited advice on the Star :)001_rolle) -- I had to force myself to really make the angle pretty shallow. Something about "riding the cap" when the cap is a razor blade, just doesn't feel "right", but my STAR's seem to require a Micromatic/Injector like face angle. Dragging that razor blade down your face at too steep an angle does not feel good.

    All this "help" and I haven't shaved with mine in months....I'll check the pics of yours and identify the model, find mine and give it a whirl. I need a reason to put down the AutoStrop -- I was seriously going to shave "one last time" with it and move on to another razor, but I'm having difficulty putting it down.
  11. Not actually painful, I was mostly joking tying into the pain of letting go of one of the straight razors. Although it wasn't exactly a comfortable shave with the star and a brand new Gem blade.

    Even being an occasional straight razor shaver I do have to remind myself constantly to take it easy with safety razors.

    Any additional info on the star would be appreciated, maybe we can plan a day to you both use them and compare results. I can understand the reluctance to switch out to a different razor.
    I have several razors that I could use almost exclusively for a long time but I really like to try and rotate through the collection.
  12. Oh and @Flintstone65 unsolicited advice on shaving better is always welcome, especially from you @Twelvefret and several other knowledgeable members. The problem I have is how many razors I still want to get and you and others keep adding to that list with all this talk of autostrop razors being so fantastic. And this razor or that razor being the end all be all of shaving.
    You're all a bunch of wonderful enablers.
    But I think I've done reasonably well keeping things in check. I have gotten most of my collection through finding very reasonably priced razors at antique stores and trading with a friend.
  13. I like the idea of a coordinated Star shave. I'm headed over to take a look at your pic (specifically the back with all of the writing) to try and determine model number. I'll share whatever I discover.
  14. @GAW9576 -- Can you post some pics with the back of the razor showing (basically flip it around so the comb teeth are facing down)? The writing and imagery on the back (not the bottom) are what is typically used to determine the model number and year....at least for my source.
  15. 20190610_221113.jpg

    let me know if you need any other shots and I will see if I have them or I will get them when I get home.

    And to clarify I really enjoy this group of enablers. This forums is my only source of "Social media"
  16. Great shot!!! It's a 9A. Mr. Waits estimates that at least 25 different frame design variations for Kampfe Bros Lather Catchers. Unfortunately, dating these beauties is not easy....his "Last Date" column only indicates the most recent patent year stamped on the razor frame. There are countless advertisements, but it will take someone with some mad research skills (and a lot of patience) to narrow it down. That said, I'm hoping that the new Lather Catcher club -- which is slowly but surely coming together -- will draw in the folks that either know more specifics, or have the patience and time to find out more specifics! To make things harder, most adverts show the front of the razor (rarely the back, which is what we need), and the front shots often have a blade loaded (which means you can't see the differences in grill work). I generally refer to the last patent date as the production date -- and you can throw a few years in there if you want to be more accurate -- but suffice to say, it's well over 100 years old -- my best guess, for what that's worth, is around 115 years. It appears from Waits' that the Kampfe boys were hard making small but visible changes pretty regularly through the years. I know they got a lift when Oliver Wendell Holmes (father, not his famous Chief Justice son) got it as a gift prior to going on a cruise and in true old-timey-blogger style he wrote about it in an article for the Atlantic magazine....he was a fan and the Kampfe Bros used his words as advertising for MANY years to come.

    Here's the excerpt with photo from Waits' Compendium

    As for my collection, I think I have this one. I was doing a photo of my oldest a Model 2B (Last Date: 1880), and had to dig to find it, during that I thought I saw this model (I know I have 4 or 5 other models); so I'll double check. Worst case is I'll use the closest model I have with blade stops so it's comparable when we do our Star Shave. Hope you find this is as interesting as I do.

    p.s., this and one other forum is my only social media exposure and interaction.
  17. Tomorrow or Thursday should work for the Star shave. So this would be older than the Gem Jr. Bar?

    Here is one I really hope to find for next to nothing at an antique store.

    1884 Kampfe jr.jpg
  18. Yes to being older than Gem Jr Bar -- that's typically a 1907 (if I remember correctly) and beyond. As to the razor you just sent -- THAT looks like my 1880 Model 1B....the only difference is that one looks pristine and has an impressive wooden handle, mine is in....let's call it "user condition"....actually, mine is more like heavily-used "user condition" with a metal handle that has as '76 patent date. No blade stops on these babies, and mine has fixed (no adjustment possible) side blade clips. Strangely enough, my Kampfe Star wedge blades won't fit (they seem to be a touch too wide), and as I think mine is even too wide to take a modern GEM blade. Could just be mine has an issue -- although I don't really see any damage or crooked parts -- so I'm wondering if WAY back then the wedge blades were slightly smaller and a little more "custom". There is an identical (in looks) Star that has adjustable blade side clips (Model 2B), according to Waits' -- can't tell from the photos, but that one may have the adjustable clips. Either way, I think it would be a great acquisition, but I wanted to give you what I knew about it.

    You guys and your antique store finds....I was on a driving vacation through 3 different states, stopped at well over a dozen Antique Stores, and didn't find ONE, not ONE lousy razor....not even old beat-up super speed.....couldn't believe it. I'll stop with this rant....I'm pretty sure I've yelled about this many times before. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for you.....just feeling sorry for me!

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