Micromatic Monday

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    Thanks for showing up, and please do join us for a shave! In the meantime feel free to ask any questions. Several of us have (and really like) the Gem Featherweight.
  1. Looking forward to seeing them!!!
  2. I spent about 5 weeks learning DE razor and finally found a setup that gives bbs with very little irritation. Now I need to use what I learned on other DE razors. I have no problem using only the featherweight until I learn it really well.
  3. In an effort to not take us off topic -- which I seem to do often -- here is a thread on my first AutoStrop shave....AutoStrop B2 -- First Shave

    As Micromatic approaches, I've been thinking about what GEM will be making an appearance. I've got several in mind....there are a few I haven't tried yet, but all this talk of the Featherweight has me leaning in that direction....and it's also been a while since my Micromatic Clog Pruf has made an appearance....decisions, decisions. I know what you're thinking, making it a double! Well, I am!! A GEM will be accompanied by my current infatuation (see the link above). Combining a GEM and an AutoStrop, I am going to be VERY smooth!!!

    Anyone else made their razor decision? Will it be a Micromatic Monday or a GEMonday? Decisions, decisions....
  4. I recently acquired a Featherweight deluxe. I will try to be there with it. Not sure what to pay it with as I rarely use just one razor. I do have several other razors I haven't used yet.
  5. I’m most likely using the BMMOC as part of a daily double. It’s gratifying so many have discovered the GEM collection of fine implements and built upon the original thread intent.

    The soap will most likely be Palmolive tubed soap which produces such a nice creamy lather.
  6. Nice!!! I really like the look of the Featherweight Deluxe!!!

    I'm a big fan of the Palmolive cream as well!!!
  7. I'm leaning towards my GEM 1912 for Monday. Probably with some TOBS for the cream. I ordered some soap samples from Stirling but they might not be here by then. Although perhaps I should break out the Willams, I haven't used it in a while.

    I've never done a shave with two different razors before, maybe I'll give that a try soon.
  8. If you choose to go double please post of the Daily Double thread.
  9. I want to second this as well. The Daily Double is a great thread -- if you haven't explored using 2 (or more) razors during a shave, you REALLY should try it. I promise that you'll not only enjoy the experience, but you'll get an absolutely great shave as well!!!
  10. Father's day is a Gemonday Sunday for me.
    Hot shower prep.
    Proraso white preshave.
    Mer shaving Fougere Orange donkeys milk soap on two band badger. (love these soaps)
    Gem Jr. Bar with 2nd flip Gem SS ptfe. First pass WTG
    Enders speed with schick proline for second pass ATG and back of neck.
    Whitchazle and Tolsom aftershave splash.
    Cold water rinse.
    Close comfortable fun shave.

  11. Spectacular set up, photo and shave....well done, sir!!! :a14::clap::a14:
  12. Thank you. And happy Fathers Day. To all the fathers out there.
    Have you tried any of these soaps? They are fantastic.
  13. I haven't, but I've heard great things about "Donkey Milk" soaps and really want to give them a try one day.
  14. I've made the call about my equipment for Micromatic Monday....drum roll please....The Micromatic Clog-Pruf!!! I was really leaning towards the Featherweight, but it gets a LOT more use than my MMCP. Not sure why, but the MMCP just comes in 3rd in comparison to MMOC (which is always first) and the MMBT which I just really like the way it shaves. But to be truly fair to the MMCP, I just haven't used it very much. So it will be a Daily-Double-Micromatic-Monday!!!! The Micromatic Clog-Pruf will team up with the AutoStrop B2....both will be riding on the cushy lather produced by the Moka Express combined with the Palmolive (tube) cream.

    Okay, for those who haven't disclosed yet....whatcha thinkin???? A Micromatic (MMOC, MMCP, MMBT) or perhaps a non-Micromatic GEMonday (the list is long for these razors) -- or a GEMonday with a GEM-relative (Every-Ready, Star, Treet, other ASR brand I've forgotten)???? As they say, inquiring minds want to know.
  15. Ron R

    Ron R Contributor

    I should be there tomorrow with my MMOC because I was thinking my GEM blade is getting on in # of shaves and l want to see what it can do . I generally get good results with the MMOC, I was thinking I should start out with my milder Gem razors and as the blade deteriorates slowly go to my more aggressive GEM razors for the last 4 or 5 shaves and that way I get to use all my GEM's and I'm happy happy. As you know I'm always trying new techniques on doing things to improve and enjoy my equipment to its fullest. Just recently I picked up my birth year razor a Gillette 1959 E4 Fatboy razor at a close by Antique store that had just recently arrived and the timing was great. Fatboy seems to be a good smooth adjustable and it took almost 3 years to finally get it at a good price and the bonus it was almost like new. My 1959 E4 fatboy.jpg
    Have some great shaves!
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  16. Mer shaving also makes a duck fat soap in many flavors ( I mean scents ) I have Mysore Sandalwood, Fougere Bay and Barber Shop. Along with the Fougere Orange donkeys milk soap I used today. They all smell amazing and all the ones I've tried perform wonderfully.
  17. Congrats on the Fatboy!!! Patience pays off!!!
  18. Congrats on the birth year Fatboy. I have two fatboys out for reconditioning but I don't think I have any birthyear razors. And I haven't shaved with a fatboy yet.
  19. Back on the grid! MMOC bumpless brass, maybe paired with an injector. I need to cork a new Gem. I’ll go with PTFE, give the Blue Stars, and myself, a break.

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