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    That's great!!! I enjoyed my shave with mine. I'm glad the shimming worked, but it may have also helped that the blade wasn't brand new. I've found the SS PTFE blades to be very harsh (i.e., potentially generating irritation) on the first shave and they "mellow" out a few shaves in. Either way, welcome to the "Latcher Catchers Club" -- been trying to think of a cool name and then starting a thread for those of us who appreciate those razors.
  1. Hmmm, could have been that as well then. I've got a new blade in my Auto Strop so I'll see if I get any irritation with that one as well. That was my first shave with a stainless blade (I've just used the carbon steel ones in the past) so I had nothing to compare it to in that regard.

    I think starting a thread dedicated to lather catchers is a great idea. I can't think of any cool names off the top of my head but I'll try to come up with something.
  2. Looney for lather catchers.

    Lather catcher lovers.

    Lather catcher lovers anonymous.

    League of the lather catchers.

    Lather catchers lodge.

    Or combos from above ie.
    Lather catcher lovers lodge.

    League of lather catcher lovers.

    Lodge for the league of looney lather catcher lovers.

    Ect. Ect.
  3. I am curious to hear how your Auto Strop shave goes....I've got a A1 enroute, and I've dug out my B1, B2 and VB1/VC1 (I can't seem to nail down which it is). Tomorrow will be my first Auto Strop shave with a B2 -- it's got a freshly loaded despined GEM blade.

    I'm glad you like the Lather Catcher thread idea -- I've been sitting on it for far too long, just need to kick-it-off -- I think follks like seeing and learning about these very cool razors.

    These are great....VERY creative. Now a group name has two components: the name is descriptive and it makes a potentially cool acronym (e.g., Brotherhood of Slant Shavers [BOSS], Lovers of Single Edge Razors [LOSER}, etc). That has been part of my struggle.....but I've got an online acronym-builder, so now I'm going to feed the above in. Do you see a catchy acronym above....or does a name jump to mind that has one? I may say the heck with the catchy acronym and just choose one of the great names above (or perhaps slightly modify one above) and get that thread going.

    And never fear, a Lather Catcher thread will absolutely not distract me from continuing to gently (or not so gently) remind my fellow GEM fans of the importance of Micromatic Monday!!!
  4. I tried a few in an acronym generator and didn't see anything good. But I was using combinations of the words I came up with. There could be better word choices if a good acronym is the desired. I was just using Alliteration. It's one of the writing style techniques we learned this year when I was homeschooling my three kids. I've never been good with acronyms.
  5. On your VB1/VC1 look at it from the side does it look like the B1 or B2. If it does it is a VB1. The VB1 might be the best of the B models. It is up there with the best SE razors I own. I also have an A1 and can say it is probably the best Auto Strop I own shave wise though I prefer the VB1 only because it is a little less aggressive than an A1.
  6. This.
  7. I'll be joining the fun here in a few days when the MMOC is up next in the razor rotation.
  8. I kinda like Lodge for the league of looney lather catcher lovers. But that is also a rather ridiculously rambling name.
  9. I'm leaning towards League of Lather Catchers. But I like hearing everyone's input, and I've seen folks do a thread on the prospective Brotherhood/Club before actually creating it....so I think I'll put that together as a thread in the SE section -- I will carry over the ideas and input from here. Thanks to everyone for the ideas and encouragement!!!
  10. Thanks, this is really helpful!!! Is your A1 one of the early ones or later ones -- from what I've seen, there is some difference in handles between the earlier and later. I'm sure it's just cosmetic. The A1 coming to me has a handle that appears to be the later one....mostly knurled.
  11. There are 3 distinct A models I know of. You have the A1 then the A2 which you can tell the difference by the square lug on the handle where the razor head attaches. The 3rd type of A model which I've only seen in a catalog has a floral style handle that looks almost exactly the Gillette Pocket Edition razors. I don't think that one has been formally designated elsewhere. If the A1 came with more than one handle type I wouldn't know. The one I have based upon the serial number is somewhere between 1908 - 1912.

    The other thing to check on your VB1/VC1 which I forgot to mention is the blade tabs if they are like the B1 or B2 then it is a VB1 also. The blade tabs on the VC1 are completely different from the B model razors.

    Here is my A model and serial number chart.

    Valet SN.JPG asa1a.jpg
  12. Here is the floral handle Auto Strop, this catalog is from 1910.
  13. You A1 looks like the one I have coming. I excerpted this from Waits' Compendium. These were the different handle styles I was talking about -- they are very slight differences. The serial number info is very helpful.
    AutoStrop A1 - Waits Compendium.jpg
  14. That is beautiful -- first time I've ever seen one like that!!!
  15. I applaud the lather catcher thread as a resource for others discovering these ancient shave devices.
  16. I will be getting my Gem featherweight soon.
  17. Please join us for Micromatic Monday aka GEMonday
  18. I will have to do that once I get the razor and some blades.
  19. I have some of the gem ptfe coated blades coming in. I will post pics once I get it.

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