Micromatic Monday

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    A hearty Good GEMonday to you all!!! It was a glorious day in the shave den (when isn't it?), and while these two razors couldn't be more different, they tag-teamed like they were meant for each other.

    The razors: 1904ish GEM Lather Catcher on a custom/repro wooden handle with a SS PTFE (3), and a 1947ish Eversharp-Schick Fashion Razor (Type H1, "Hussy") with a Chick (of course, 3 shaves). The soap was a limited edition made by another forum member for that particular forum (Lime, Ginger and Bergamot). The brush is a RazoRock 28mm Plissoft Beehive. The aftershave was Krampert's Finest Acadian Spice Bay Rum.

    First 2 passes went to the elder statesman, and given that the blade was perfectly "seasoned", I had a CCS after those two passes. The "Hussy" was called in to provide a DFS with a final pass -- I had a "happy ending" line all tee'd up, but this is a family thread, and I seriously try to keep my juvenile (and potentially offensive) sense of humor under control....my sincere apologies for any offense caused by this slip.

    This was a truly a great shave, and I will post a link to this thread over at the daily double!!!

    Here's the "Group Photo"

  1. I often wondered about that. Yesterday I would have sworn that shaving on Monday would be too early, but today I just had about the right amount of stubble to justify a shave. I'm sure if the last shave had been with a SE, I'd had to wait for tomorrow.
    On hot days, a Speick shave can sometimes even beat the Proraso green experience. (GEM PFTE 5th shave, flipped)

  2. I'm a fan of Speick as well -- temps here have been on the hot side and while I don't notice any menthol, it still feels like a "cooling" shave experience. Glad you had enough stubble to join us today!!!
  3. I just happened to use the MMCP today and it's Micromatic Monday. There was a blade in it already, don't know how many shaves were on it, but it performed just fine.
  4. Nice!!! Glad you could join us!!!
  5. MMCP, Erskine brush, Cade soap.

  6. Gorgeous brush and razor -- and I'm always a fan of the Old Spice Mugs. Thank for joining in!
  7. Very nice. That MMCP looks mint. And that's another very nice brush. I'm beginning to wonder if you have any brushes I don't like. Great photo too.
  8. Today was a Gemonday for me.
    Prep. Hot shower and Noxzema wash.
    Pre. Oops forgot pre.
    Soap. Mer Shaving sandalwood on two band badger.
    First pass. Gem Damaskeene gem ss ptfe 1st use. WTG on neck.
    2nd pass plus cheeks. Enders speed shaver with schick proline b20. ATG on neck WTG and ATG on cheeks
    Post shave. Whitchazle and Tolsom aftershave splash.

    The Damaskeene was a bit harsh with a new blade, so the Enders had to deal with a pre irritated neck but did fantastic on the cheeks.


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  9. I like them all. I really like your custom brush.
  10. I just picked up some Enders Super Speeds (different colors)....I'll undoubtedly be researching how to get an injector blade in there. I know several folks have experience -- any tips for me?
  11. Schick Pro line B20 sandwiches between the head and an original enders blade that has had the cutting edge removed. I took mine back enough to remove the whole bevel. A file wasn't doing much so I very carefully did it on a bench grinder.
  12. I've only shaved with and Enders Speed shaver and Schick Proline B20 and I had my blade back a little too far so very very mild setting, but this is how I put the blade in.

    20190611_095654.jpg 20190611_095719.jpg 20190611_095756.jpg

    I slid and old injector blade ( With the edge dulled ) in between the head and the enders blade to push the proline B20 forward.

    Then used the injector blade to carefully fine tune the blade gap.


    Like I said I've only shared with it once and I need to do some more adjusting on the blade Gap. I hope this helps.
  13. Thank you, I made that for a good friend now I need to get some time to make myself one.
  14. I ment to mention that the very attractive bowl that you use looks like a custom also. I used a lather bowl for a few years, but went back to face lathering the first of this year.
  15. If you're referring to the one I've used on the last few shaves that's dark green and silver I found that at a resale shop if it's the one that is a Scuttle that's brown my friend gave me that. They both work great in different ways lately I have been doing a partial leather in the bowl and then face lathering.
  16. This incredibly helpful....thank you!!! Now to further highlight ignorance: is there any difference between the Proline B20 and the Schick injector blades (aka Chicks)? I always assumed they were the same dimension, but that some like the B20's edge better, and they would load them into an empty injector for use in an injector razor. Does that sound right, or are they totally different blades in terms of dimensions (i.e., thickness)?
  17. I would have to compare them closely but I believe there is just a very slight dimensional difference. I slipped a chick into the enders before I received the B20s and it was a hair loser side to side and the B20s seem to be a perfect fit side to side.
  18. Ahhh, perfect -- that's what I needed to know, thanks!!!
  19. Well my GEMonday didn't happen until today because of work, but my 2nd shave with the lather catcher went really well. No irritation, I think shimming the blade definitely helped. Looking forward to many more shaves with it

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