Mice Turned the Ford Explorer into a Condo

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    Hopefully the insurance will cover the damage (gonna be spendy I’m sure) from quite a few members of the mouse community getting into the innards of my wife’s SUV and wreaking considerable havoc with the wiring.
    Any advice on how to keep this mess from happening again?
  1. I had mice get under the fuel injector manifold thingy on top of the engine of my F-150 and chew through a wire that made the truck run like crap. Twice. They'd pack up acorns and leaves and make them a comfy little nest under the hood.

    The first time the shop removed the manifold and replaced the wires. Ex-pen-sive. The second time I took it to a small repair shop and the mechanic just used some forceps to pull the wire out, spliced it, then put heat shrink wrap on it. $30 and that has been several years ago and the truck still runs just fine.

    The first time I picked up some rat poison at the local chemical supply company and zip tied the pellets in several places under the hood and away from the engine heat so they wouldn't fall out. That supply company has since closed so I later picked up the rat killer at the local farm and ranch store. I was able to find the smaller bags instead of the several pound buckets of the stuff. Haven't had any mice move in for a long time. Just zip tie some where ever you see signs of them "ratting" around.

    Tomcat with Bromethalin Bait Chunx, 4 lb. Pail, 22244 at Tractor Supply Co.

    Ramik Green, 4 lb. at Tractor Supply Co.
  2. Tomcat bait blocks work fantastic. No need to put them under the hood, though. Put them in a bait station or cut a slit in a plastic soda bottle and push a block in the bottle. I wouldn't want uncontained blocks anywhere that a child or pet could get it. Put the station or bottle somewhere relatively close to your mouse problem area. They will find it.....I have had them gnaw a hole in a new, unopened bag just to get at the stuff....Not just mice like it. I have had raccoons and skunks carry off the bait stations trying to get at the bait.

    As a belt and suspenders approach, I would make and use a bucket trap as well. They work great.

    You can buy the bait and stations at Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, ect, as well as farm stores.
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  3. Good advice on using a bait station. My kids have been long gone and I didn't have any pets to worry about at the time. You can make your own using cigar boxes, milk jugs, pvc pipe, etc. The pvc pipe or a commercial one would probably be the most child resistant. You could even make one that you could put a little padlock on to keep prying little fingers out.

    Tomcat Mouse Killer I Kid & Dog Resistant Refillable Station - Mouse Traps - Tomcat

  4. So what genius decided it was a good idea to use soy for the insulation on wires?
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    Interestingly, my neighbor's wife's Ford Explorer just had the identical issue. They had to tow it! $500 or so damage.

    Now. A vacant lot was cleared next door to them to build a house, but it was months ago ... I am thinking that's where the vermin came from, but. Those wires must be tasty indeed.

  6. It seems you can't get out of a mechanic's garage anymore for under $500; it cost me a bit more than that several years ago just to replace one wire. It's nice to know a small business mechanic. The mechanic I usually use when I take my semi-hot rod Camaro in said that most of his employees have never even seen the inside of a carburetor. Oh good Lord.

    Tomcat bait and a bait station should take care of the mouse problem...or be like me...have a bunch of outside barn cats. Last time I saw a mouse one of the cats was tossing it up in the air.

    Like momma lion said to her kitten while he was chasing a man around a tree..."Son, don't play with your food."
  7. I got you guys beat. A mouse totalled my Kia.
    2014 Kia. In 2017, the computer was acting strange. Told me doors were open when they weren't. Reset the mileage computer at random times.
    Took it to the dealer for a reboot. They stopped at $12,000.00 damage and wrote the car off.
    Rodent got inside the cab. Ate the wiring under the headliner, behind the dash, and surrounding the computer. The mechanic said " I can't give you back your car. I have to declare it an unsafe vehicle. I don't know what I haven't found. You could be barrelling down the 401 at 140k, and everything shuts off". Insurance company said it's much more common than you would think. Apparently, when a rodent gets into the passenger compartment, it usually results in a write-off.
    I guess that's a risk living in the country. It probably got in when I left the hatch open when loading stuff.
  8. Wow! Yep, you win. Or lose?
  9. I've never had much luck with that kind of stuff...or the ultrasonic sound emitters, or anything like that. I'm interested to see what your results are. May work for you.
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    Googled; this is absolutely true! Amazing AND stupid. "Bioplastics in cars." In an effort to "Go Green," and reduce dependency on petroleum-based products, soy-based bioplastics ....

    Hm, another one of those "unintended consequences to morally upright decisions," etc.

  11. Well...so far it seems the mice destroyed the power train control module and some assorted wiring.
    ...the shop is still hunting down additional potential damage. Surely no bueno.
    And to make matters worse, I lost my Microtech knife. I am Jack’s saddened soul..........
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    This has worked for me for many years with vehicles, deer camp and campers.

    Even in my deer blinds, I build a pyramid of it in the blind and by next year it’s about gone but there is no mouse damage.

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