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Mi CASA es su CASA? Outdoor Adventure

No, not a home, but a Central American Shaving and Angling (CASA) adventure. Thought it might be fun to share….

I’m sitting at Midway airport waiting for departure for one of those “manly rituals”, aka a fishing trip. In this case, the first order of business is a Planes, Trains and Automobiles - esque journey to the San Juan/Rio Indio river mouth on the Caribbean border of Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Once there (tomorrow) we’ll challenge the giant tarpon that stage in the area this time of year. About mid-week we’ll move over to the Pacific side out of Quepos, Costa Rica where we’ll spend a day offshore/bluewater for possible tuna, mahi and/or billfish, and then a 2nd day inshore for rooster fish.

Of course, I’m taking a fairly extensive shaving kit, because let’s face it, the manly ritual that is a fishing trip requires an equally manly ritual in the form of a proper gentleman’s shave. To whit and to start, my equip list, all of which fits in a smallish Parker leather travel Dopp, is as follows
  1. Razors: Fatip Retro, FOCS and Captain Woody
  2. Blades: Astra SP, Nacet, and Titan Pink
  3. Brushes: Parker travel silvertip and Edwin Jagger 22 mm silvertip both packed in tubes
  4. Soaps: A variety of samples (A&E, MdC, Wholly Raw, T&H) as well as small tins of Lather and Wood and Parker Sandalwood and Shea butter
  5. Miscellaneous: Styppie, a small hammered copper bowl, and 3 travel EDP’s (Acqua di Parma Oud, Creed Bois du Portugal, B&B Ocean)

Stay tuned…..
And an abbreviated report from San Juan de Nicaragua…


Day 1: A 3-4 hour drive to the NE from San Jose, Costa Rica to the San Juan River, followed by a 3-4 hour boat ride inclusive of stops at several Nicaragua military checkpoints. But made it to the beautiful Rio Indio lodge in good shape.

Days 2 and 3: Breakfast at 5:30 AM, in the boats by 6 in pursuit of tarpon where the San Juan spills into the Caribbean. Lunch back at the lodge, a short siesta, and back on the water by 2 until sunset. Thus far, 6 fish between 80 and 160 pounds for our trio of intrepid anglers




Tonight a little crocodile and caiman shining.…


Great weather, wonderful people, outstanding food - a guy could get used to this!
Tuesday - the tarpon moved out of the river mouth, but the Tripletail moved in. For the last 15-20 years, I‘ve ranked mutton snapper as my top fish on the table…but now I’m not so sure. One doesn’t make such a decision in haste, but man….I might just have to revise my ranking…


Wednesday - boat ride up the river, checking out of Nicaragua and back into Costa Rica, a long drive back to San Jose, and a short flight over to Quepos on the Pacific side.

Thursday - A day offshore. Found a willing school of yellowfin


then this guy came to play….


Quite a ride!

And every day starts with a clean shave of course..
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