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Metal Brush Handle

Hi everyone,

I am very intrigued by the Zenith Copper handle brushes and might be getting one. That said, I really like metal items and was wondering if you knew of some inexpensive metal handle brushes (under $75 would be best)?


Yes look at alpha. Lesser price point razorrock has metal rubberset replica handle that are spectacular
If you like metal items and have never experienced a Zenith, you should just get the brush in the boar or Manchurian. Great brushes - I have both with olive wood handles.

The only reason I have not bought a second Zenith boar with a copper handle, is fear of cracking our porcelain sink. I have seen too many of these sinks get cracked over the years.

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Thanks for all the responses, I need to think a little more about the look I like. There are some perfect brushes out there for what I want. If there are more ideas let them keep coming in. Probably won't be buying one for a few more weeks. Thanks everyone!
Only metal brush handles that comes into my mind are Zenith handles and Yaqi handles. Those Zenith copper with patina looks great.
Amazon's still got the Col Conk model 247 for about $21. The handle feels solid and is nicely finished. When I got mine, I figured I would replace that cheapo "best badger" knot with something a little fancier. This was in 2011. The original knot's still going strong. The thing has turned out to be a surprisingly good value compared to the "real" brushes out there, and of course there's that upgrade option.