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Merry Month Of Mystic May

I'm thinking I could have done a better job picking scent samples that suit me. I'm thinking I'm moving towards more cologne-y type scents.
The only thing for it is to order more samples :)
Possibly... Barbershop, Adirondack Jack and either WindJammer or Irish Traveler.
If you like florals you will LOVE Lily Of The Valley.
If you like rose, you will greatly enjoy it.

Unfortunately I am discovering I am not a floral person and so this sample bit the dust quickly.
Performance was as top notch as ever. Today's lather was as good as I have ever produced, and as always the post shave feel is outstanding.
Back to the Bay Rum tomorrow!
If you like florals you will LOVE Lily Of The Valley. If you like rose, you will greatly enjoy it.

I like rose and lavender but those are the only florals I have, but none of hers, and I need to use a few up. Irish Traveler sounds good and I might her sample trial too. Thanks for the information.
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Missed yesterday, but today's shave with the second to last lather from my old Bay Rum was glorious.
Honestly never had a better lather than this.
Even showering after the shave, I can still get hints of the Bay Rum scent.
One more day.
Michelle's Bay Rum is my favourite scent of any soap. I could use this for the rest of my life and be happy. However, I am happy to rotate her other scents along with this one. :thumbup:
I think I'd get bored or sick of it like I did when I 3017d the Razorock XXX.
But, yes, best shave soap scent ever.
Ah yesterday.
I finished off the month by finishing off the Bay Rum with a Vie Long horse. Made way too much thick, luxuriant, moisturizing, slick, cushiony lather with a scent that's so far unmatched by any other soap.
Will be restocked for winter along with some others.
Thanks for all who played along!

Right now, my IanS soaps are calling. They sound impatient.
I went Old Spice Cream from India.
It was slick, it was protective....but I don't like the scent and my skin has a chemical feel.
I think I'm spoiled.
Tea Tree and Blue Gum revisited.
It's very very good. The scent is almost like minty pine to me, not strong eucalyptus.
I think I'm going to enjoy this more than I thought.
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