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Merkur Vision Razor Help!!!

Good Afternoon, I just purchased a Merkur Vision razor and the adjustment scale seems to be off, N being closed V being fully open (I think) I have it between S and I for fully open and and the same for closed. Is there a way to adjust this? or would it be best to send it back. Any help would be appreciated.
This is a common problem with Vision. The letters are not always aligned correctly. You can either live with it or send it back. Mine does not align correctly. I live with it and have no problems.
Since the Brown Truck gang should be handing me my Vision (and 1-year-plus supply of Merkur blades...O, liberation!) sometime tomorrow afternoon (yikes...I've got to get out and buy a new tub of Arlington!), I should be able to help corroborate what's been mentioned so far. I'd heard about this quirk early on, decided I could deal with it and moved ahead to get one. I suppose it might be annoying if I decide to change settings at different stages of my shave (if I find it at all advantageous), but my main thing will be finding a setting that works well on my own mug and stick with it. As mentioned in another post (my first here), I'm not exactly a newbie with "alternative" shaving, having successfully gotten the hang of using a straight a decade ago, but it really does feel "just like starting over".

- Barrett
Okay...just got my Vision, and it seems to check out in terms of blade/bar alignment (heard this was something of an issue with earlier versions), and the adjustment collar. However, I base my finding on using the set-screw hole on one side of the handle (just below the collar - edited from earlier post) as my reference mark, as opposed to the Merkur logo on the opposite side. On the logo side, nothing lines up at all at the extremes. Things seem to add up now, based on my expereience.

- Barrett
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