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Merkur Slantbar

Now let me first preface this by saying that I have been using the Merkur Futur for about 3 years now. It is my razor of preference loaded with a Feather Platinum blade and set as wide open as the razor will allow me. The combination of the Feather and the Futur has given me the best shaves of my life with one minor drawback---some irritation. Still, no other razor/blade combination comes even close....until today.

This was my first voyage with the Slantbar and I have to say that the razor preforms like a dream. I loaded it up with a brand new Feather and proceeded to have one of the best shaves of my life.....with no irritation. I always get some irritation, but nothing most aftershaves can't put out, but not today baby. Nothing but a glass smooth shave and when I put on the aftershave...nothing. No burning, just the sensation of my hands sliding over a clean shaven face.

Now I'm not saying everyone should go out and by this razor ASAP...afterall the razor has earned the nickname "Satan's razor" by many people. The only thing I can say is that if you have a super thick beard like I do, nothing will cut through your whiskers like a Feather in the slantbar. Now, I must admit that the shave was not necessarily any closer than the Futur/Feather combo, but its just that the Feather and Slantbar seem to be made for each other in that this combination for me provides me with the closeness I like with no irritation.

Personally, I did not find the slantbar difficult to use in terms of finding the proper blade angle, but then again I have been shaving with a DE for over 3 years. The one gripe that I do have is the handle on the slanbar. I tend to have short, fat fingers and the short handle combined with a narrower handle than the Futur makes it a little bit more difficult to control for me. I imagine after a few more shaves with this razor, I will eventually learn how to control the razor better. As for now, I'll just have to take my time, and enjoy the extreme pleasure of knowing that I'm getting the closest shaves ever without the fear of irritation.


I have been trying out all sorts of razors lately. A new HD, the Gillette fatboy, my Hoffritz slant and I just got a slant bar from Lee for $30. Have no idea how much chesapeak charged for one, but $30? Good deal and of course, free shipping.

The Hoffritz slant and the merkur slant are different. I was about to consider a Futur or Progress but heck, I usually dont use the adjustable feature. Ever since I used a slant with feather blade for bladebuffing, I have found it to be the perfect setup for bladebuffing. I tried shaving first with the slant bar and then bladebuffin with the HD, but I do not think I like that. Ill shave with just the slant bar for a while and see what that does

The slant-bar is one of the easiest razors to shave with (except for sideburns) - the shape of the cap is such that it is obvious as to what the cutting angle is.

A shave is not a good shave if it means a degree of irritation ..., use of an Alum block will improve technique, if it stings you've irritated your skin.

The slant-bar is not Satans Razor - it is a kitten of a razor.

I don't know what Chesapeake had the slantbar going for on their closeout. I recently purchased the 100 feather deal at CottonBlossom and noticed they had the merkur slantbar on sale as well. If I remember correctly, it was $23.00 Too good of a deal to pass up.
I too found the Slantbar to be much milder than I expected and had no irritation when using it. I used mine for around 4 days last week and was able to get good shaves with it...just not nirvana like I guess I expected. I think my expection was too high based on the "Satan's razor" hype. I really found it quite mild and easy to shave with. My biggest gripe is I just don't like the short handles of the Slant or the HD! I much prefer my long-handle classic even though the head is the same as the HD. To each his own.
I like my Slants. I'm down to 2, but I just don't use them that often. I need to increase their place in my rotation.

rschul2 said:
I don't know what Chesapeake had the slantbar going for on their closeout. I recently purchased the 100 feather deal at CottonBlossom and noticed they had the merkur slantbar on sale as well. If I remember correctly, it was $23.00 Too good of a deal to pass up.

The Chesapeake deal was half off, or $19.99 plus shipping. Pretty close to the CottonBlossom deal. Hmm...
The Slant is probably my favourite razor with a Wilkinson blade of course. I never found it difficult to master and sometimes wonder why there's such fear of the thing.
The slant bar and Feather blades make a good combo.

I have a mediun beard and tender skin. For me the Slant bar by Merkur or Hoffritz, the same razor but with differant shape heads, is the finest razor in the world.

I am 63 years old and have shaved all my life with a DE razor. I have used more differant DE razors than most of you guys have ever seen in your life.

When Gillette come ot with theit Good News Razor it seemed everyone stopped using DE razors. I asked everyone I knew if they would give me their old razors.

I was a young man at that time. They must thought I was crazy for wanting their razors, when Gillette came out with a new disposible razor.

Right at hand I have 142 DE razors and my wife put in our storage bin a box with more than that amount.

My son will get this collection some day, I hate to tell you but my son uses an electric razor. There is no joy in Mudville today. (American Baseball joke)
-mighty Casey has struck out


You must be some kind of a prophet.... That sounds like an amazing collection (a lot of duplication, I would imagine, but still). With a collection like that, it is hard to see how you son could not turn to the DE just out of manly need to try gadgets....

Yes I do have a lot of duplication of razors. Day before yesterday I looked at all my razors then I went to our storage bin in the condo. and found the rest of the razors in storage.

I didn't realize there were so many different types of Gillette models made. I also have thirtyfour Shick Injector razors.

I tried a lot of these razors in the past. For me the TTO or the three piece razors by Gillette never gave me a close shave. Also the Gillette adjustable
set at the low settings didn't shave my beard at all and at the high settings it irritated my neck area. I have tender skin and a medium (average) beard.

Another (again for me) good razor I have is a Barbasol DE razor, it is a very heavy razor and to be honest it is equal to a Merkur or Hoffritz or Coles slant bar razors.

The Barbalol is a two piece razor like the heavy duty or slant bar, longer handle and very heavy. I wish I had more information on this razor as I have never seen any other. This razor is built like a tank.
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