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merkur slant bar

I'm actually hunting for one myself. If I run across a source, I'll be sure to post. Please do likewise.
I don't want to sound like a snob, but I'd rather have a chrome model than a gold with blemishes.
Hey Austin,

I sent these folks an email a little over a week ago and have not yet received a response. I also attempted to inquire about a potential discount for a multiple razor purchase. I thought we might be able to do a group purchase if enough folks here were interested. Unfortunately, it's not looking very promising. I'm going to shoot them one more email before looking elsewhere.
I emailed em at ems place, she said she could order one, it's in the Merkur catalog and would be the same price as the gold HD, think I'm going to, I have the Gold HD and its my favorite, looks just right in the stand next to the brush :001_smile
Thanks, P. I also just received a return email from classic, and apparently they will do the same.
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