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Merkur Slant Bar

Ok, the next DE I want to venture off into is the Slant Bar. How agressive is this razor compared to a Vision (set wide open)?? How's the quality of shave? Anything I should know about this razor going into the purchase?

Can anyone maybe give a comparison of the traits of the Vision compared to the Slant Bar?


The slant kicks the Vision's *** on the playground. :a13: :a20: In terms of blade exposure, it is much less than the Vision on its higher settings, but with the scything action, it gives a very close and smooth shave. It is a fantastic tool for those who have tough beards.
Does a fairly good job on the neck and cheeks when loaded with a Feather... :thumbup1:
Not very good for sideburns and under the nose though, because of its unique twist.:thumbdown
Does a fairly good job on the neck and cheeks and sideburns... :thumbup1:
Not very good under the nose though, because of the high profile of the shaving head.:thumbdown
I have a light to regular beard, but the growth is especially close (almost parallel) to my skin. This is especially true on my neck. I don't have any problems above my jawline, but below, things are hard to get smooth without irritation. Would a slantbar help out, or is it just better for heavy, coarse hair? I'm have an HD and a Progress right now and seem to have the best luck with the Progress.
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