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Merkur Slant Bar Vs. Hoffritz Slant Bar

Anybody out there have any suggestions? The next DE that I really want to get is a slant bar. I've seen both of the Merkur and the Hoffritz but, I'm wondering if there are any major differences between the two of these. I can find them both pretty easy however; I'm probably only going to have one slant bar in my collection and I just want the right one for me. If anyone could help out, I'd really be thankful.

Hi Rusty -

My understanding was that they were basically the same item. I thought that Hoffritz was just a re-branded Merkur(?).

I know that Austin and Joe Lerch both know quite a bit about them.
Rusty, Howard is correct. The Hoffritz brand is just rebranded from Merkur. They are one and the same.

Do you know where I could pick up a Hoffritz gold slant bar? I drool everytime I see pics of yours.
Rik said:
Thanks for the info.
Maybe this is the place where buying power could come into play? Merkur (Dovo) makes a gold plated slant bar.. Do you think there is enough pent-up desire for a bling bling razor thing to make a B&B buy from our buds in Deutschland?
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