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Merkur slant bar razor heads vs Weber Polished SB razor head

Which razor head feels/behaves more aggressive to you?

  • Merkur slant bar razor heads

  • Weber Polished Head (PH) standard bar razor head

  • They feel equally aggressive to me

  • I haven't used both razors

  • I'm not sure

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Which razor head feels/behaves more aggressive to you?

  • Merkur slant bar razor heads
  • Weber Polished Head (PH) standard bar razor head
  • They feel equally aggressive to me
  • I haven't used both razors
  • I'm not sure

With what razor blade?
Please assume that each razor is used with an "average blade". The rational is that this poll will result in a summary something along the lines of: "usually the average Razor X is more (or equally) aggressive than/to the average Razor Y for the average shaver" ... so we probably need to avoid a ranking that is dependent upon one specific blade.

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Why this poll?
This poll is part of a series of polls towards averaging out the subjective experiences of numerous shavers, through model-by-model comparison polls, into a list of Currently-Manufactured DE Razors Ranked According to User-Polled Aggressiveness on a Scale of 1 to 10.

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For me, it was the Weber PH. I don't get along with Slants for some reason. I also have the Weber DLC and it much smoother and less aggressive than the PH.
I had the 37c a while ago and traded it away. Just got the weber last week and had some rough moments but am now getting excellent shaves. The weber is more agressive (rougher on the face if not careful) by a bit. It gives an excellent 2 pass shave when focusing on technique. I usually needed 2 with touch up on the slant. I guess it's possible it was user error but it was never as smooth as I wanted it to be.
These first 3 votes are surprising me if their trend continues. 2 votes say the Weber is more aggressive than the Merkur Slant, while only 1 vote says the Merkur Slant is more aggressive. I haven't tried the Weber myself, but I know that I found my Merkur Slant quite the step up in aggressiveness from my EJ89....


More votes please!
Every slant I've ever used, with the exception of the RRSS, feels miles more aggressive and efficient to me than the Weber. Just my opinion though.
37c IMO feels aggressive yet for me was very ineffective. I get much smoother and closer shaves with the Weber.
Merkur 37C Slant is more aggressive for me over the Weber.

It is more efficient on the first WTG pass with a few days worth of whiskers but at the same time leaves my neck with weepers on the first pass, where as the Weber does not, ever after 3-4 passes. I cannot use the 37C as a daily driver, where as I can with the Weber.
Final results:
Merkur slant has 10 votes
Weber has 5+1 = 6 votes
Equally aggressive has 1 vote

Votes from comments above:
chuckman: Weber > Merkur slant

Votes also in graphed poll results:
Badger Bill, alfredus, ElectroMike, celestino, jhadsell1883

The average Merkur slant is more aggressive than the average Weber ... to the average shaver ... by at least a bit.

Thank you to all who voted!

My experience with a slant was worst of both worlds -extreme inefficiency with whisker reduction, while imparting plenty of razorburn. Is that "actress ive"? The Weber PH is a very efficient razor, feels mild-moderate aggressiveness to mrle. (I'm in 100% agreement with Celestino on the Weber DLC.). Haven't voted in the poll because I'm not sure how ito charaterize the slant.
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