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Merkur razors, bowl, TOBS, razor stand

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All pricing includes shipping, conus only. Do this via B&B paypal rules.

Merkurs for sale:
All razors (except 34G, which is BNIB) have been clean and sanitized (per barbicide instructions)
progress has been sold already - sorry for including in image
futur polished razor, VGC, $40
38C razor, VCG, $30
34G (never used, never taken out of box) - $36
If you want the three merkurs then I will deal this for $100 shipped.





razor stand (VGC, lightly used)- $20
same as this one -


shave nation shave bowl - $20




The bottom of bowl has some cosmetic dings. I believe I bought this from shavenation scratch and dent collection and the bowl came this way to me. It is a nice bowl but I am not using it and don't dig the bumps. Excellent lather maker, yes.

Taylor of Old Bond Jermyn street soap and aftershave. $20 for the both


The a/s is pretty much full just not into the scent. The soap has been used but not in a while. It has a lot of life in it still. I will include a container. If you do not want a container please let me know. The container is from maggards. Nice jar.
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Shave nation bowl, merkur 34G, and razor stand are now spf.

Only remaining items are the futur razor, TOBS soap/aftershave.
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