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Merkur Progress Adjustments??

HI all!!

I'm new to Wet shaving and recently purchased a Merkur Progress. The question I have may be dumb, but on the adjustment end what provides the closer shave, having it set to 1 or 5???? The reason I ask is because the guy who sold it to me said that 5 gave the closer shave. Is this true? Thanks in advance!
Well I know for sure that on a Merkur Futur the lower numbers are less aggressive and the higher numbers are more aggressive, I assume yours is the same. I have mine on 1 or 1.5 most of the time.
Remember the annoying complication of the Progress - line up the | on the removable top with the ^ on the other piece so you get the same numbers every time you change a blade.
SLICKO said:
Thanks fellas!! So, it seems as if the higher the number,the closer the shave!

Not necessarily. I usually get a closer shave with a less aggressive razor, the more aggressive the razor the more likely I am to get irritation and cut myself. It all just depends on technique, beard growth and skin type.
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