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Merkur HD for Dummies

Well I am a newbie here and keep hearing about the Merkur HD, and I am interested in getting one. I have several razors already and I am enjoying shaving.

I hear that a merkur HD is inexpensive but whenever I search for one I get a bunch of different results, 38c etc. So what is meant by the Merkur HD (when I search THAT auction site I get 0 results?).

If this has been covered before please include links.

Also I rarely see them for sale here on the site, I guess people just like them.

The Merkur HD is officially called the 34C (or 34G if you buy the Gold model instead). The Merkur 38C is the same razor, but with a longer handle (in addition to chrome, it's also available in Red, and Blue color handles).

Here is a couple of links for you to purchase one:




A search of the bay didn't turn up any HD's for sale.
Jeff, below is an example of the Merkur HD


and also below is photo of Barber Pole version of the sane rasi.

Hope this helped;

Thought I had clicked submit a while ago, but guess I didn't.
All the HD means is "heavy duty". Its a great razor that will last a lifetime. You'll enjoy the HD, but be sure to check other razors out to find your own best one. :biggrin: :tongue: :001_rolle :redface:
One thing I would say is they don't all look quite as good as that. I'd recommend the Muhle R89 instead. Their q.c. is excellent and it is xly similar to the HD, but with a slightly different balance and "blown aluminium" feel to the handle.
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