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Merkur Handle

Hi Everyone,

I have a Merkur 34HD and was looking at the Merkur Slants. I prefer a slightly longer handle so I am not interested in the 37HD. Is the baseplate/handle of the 39C the same as the 38C so I could use my top cop of the 34HD on the longer handle or is the baseplate different on the slant razors as well.

Thank you for any info.
Three inch handle is perfect, plenty of room for two fingers and a thumb, more than that just get's in the way.
I love the shorty handles. I get added stability resting my pinky on the end and letting the ring finger float.

The thumb, index, and middle do all the work.
+1 on the maneuverability of the 3" handle mentioned above. Coming from decades of using cart razors with garden hoe length handles, I thought the same methodology might apply to DE razors, but I found the reverse to be true for me...I get the best results "choking up" a bit on the handle, keeping fingers closer to the razor head, and a 3" handle accommodates this technique best for me.
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