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Merkur Futur at minimum setting 0.5

I loaded a BIC Platinum which is among the sharpest blades. For the first time I used the Futur at 0.5 and I got a perfect shave out of it. No wonder: even at its lowest setting, the blade gap on the Futur is much bigger than on most razors. It's a stunning razor. I used to shave at a 3.0 and above but the shave wasn't any quicker.
I need to do a 0.5 shave with a milder blade such as the Supermax. Watch this space.
In the meantime: How did your shaves go at 0.5?
Never went that low a setting, actually got the Futur to try it at highest setting when I was going thru my search for the most aggressive razor I could find. Have since tried it at lower settings and do get a good shave. Good luck, whatever razor works for you is the best razor to have.
I did try the Futur at 6 with a Feather blade. No nicks. But the shave didn't go any better or faster than at 3.
I'd be interested to read about your experience at 0.5.


I am a bit intimidated by the blade gap on the Futur and consequently don't use it much anymore. I got one of the worst cuts while shaving with it. Not from the shave itself, but I was bringing the razor around to the back of my head to shave there (head shaver obviously) and sliced my ear lobe. That bled so badly it looked like someone had been murdered in the bathroom and it took about 10 minutes to stop it with styptic, paper towels, and pressure. I actually prefer the myriad of cheap Futur clones out there, as they are not nearly so aggressive.
I started with my Futur on .5 but I soon started opening it up. I’ve only had it a month but right now I’m comfortable with it on 3.5 using Bic platinum. This provides a 3 pass BBS shave. I’m sure I’ll open it up to find out what it’s like wide open. The gap at .5 was not nearly aggressive enough for me.
If you've found the sweet spot, I wouldn't open it up and risk a blood bath, unless for academic curiosity.

I have thin skin and tough whiskers. The sweet spot for me on the Merkur Futur is 1.0 or 1.5 and it's one of my favorite razors.
Had another excellent bbs shave with a BIC at 1.0. I can't believe how well it went. No nicks, no burn. It works even better than my Mühle R41.
Update: Shaved with a mild Voskhod at 0.5. Though the blade tugs more than the BIC, I can't say the shave took much longer. I got yet another perfect bbs shave. I'm stunned. It's as though I've been rediscovering the Futur.
Just in case anybody wonders if there's something wrong with his Futur, because there's no 0.5 setting possible:
Merkur applies the numbering by hand, so there's a bit of tolerance. One man's 0.5 may be another man's 0.8 or so. Of course the blade gap will be the same, it's just that the number's must not match exactly between diverse copies.

I assent that the Futur on it's lowest setting is more aggressive and one could easily never go more open than that. It's just fantastic!
However that's not what I got and love it for apart from it's sound, which is like a concert and it's unique design. I use the R41, which gives me comparable close shaves as the Futur does on it's lower third. I shave daily and love efficient shaves with long, straight strokes - no buffing, no going incessantly over the same spots. So most of the times my Futur works at 3-4 with a Feather or ASP Green. Only when my skin feels very sensitive and a brandnew Feather is a bit too tuggy - as they sometimes are - I beg my Futur for a bit of mercy and almost always it allows me to go 0.5. :clown:
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Imho, the R41 feels less aggressive than the Futur. I can't seen to get all the trouble spots with the R41 using a mild blade.
I never tried any other blade with my R41 than the Feather and ASP Green I had mentioned above, I was never curious enough to try as I'm so happy with these and this is btw true for any razor past and present in my den. Of course I tried many different blades, but that was with other razors and then I settled with these two.
So I cannot tell about milder blades, but a blade must be truly very mild, that I could imagine not catching all stubbles with the R41.
However, I agree that the Futur has more bite than the R41. Due to the construction there's no direct comparison anyway, but I would say that starting at setting 2 the Futur feels more pugnacious.
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