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Merkur Classic DE Question

Hey, to start off I'm kinda a newbie to this site. My question is I have been looking at buying a Merkur DE for the past week. I went to www.qedusa.com and noticed about 4 different models:

Merkur Classic DE #33C
Merkur Classic DE hefty #34C
Merkur Classic DE long handle #23C
Merkur Classic DE "1904" #42

Now for my questions:

1. Whats the difference between the regular (33C), hefty, long handle and 1904 models besides the obvious (weight and length of handle)? Which one is rec. for a beginner?

2. Which model seems to be the most popular here at B & B?

3. I heard its kinda an "adventure" to order from qedusa.com, why is this? Anyone with experience? Any other place to get one for cheap?

Being a recent returnee to the wet shave of a month or two, I took the advice of the experts and bought the "Hefty Classic" the 34C. Nice bit of kit and works a treat. It'll outlast me.

I like the Merkur Classic DE hefty #34C it has been easy to learn with. I got mine from www.classicshaving.com. They have great custermer service and ship fast. I even had to add something to my order the next morning after placing my order and it was no problem. No adventures here.:smile:

The hefty seems to be the most popular here followed by the long handled version for those who don't like the stubby handle normally used. I myself own the 1904 version and think it works very nicely. It was the model I started with and gives good shaves with minimal irritation while learning. Though as always YMMV.
Someone will correct me if I'm wrong, I hope, but I believe all four have exactly the same shave head. I have a Long Handle Classic, because I prefer a little longer handle, over thick (I'm guessing they probably weigh about the same, but I don't really know). People rarely get the regular classic it seems, probably because, if going for the short handle, it is nice to have the extra weight of the heavy duty. Between the heavy and the long handle, though, just pick which you think you personally would prefer. I have not handled one, but it looks like the 1904 is somewhere in between the classic and the heavy in handle size.

So really, what it boils down to, is just look at the pictures, and pick the one that appeals to you. You probably want to go with the regular, rather than open comb.

As for websites, yes, QED is an adventure, but the customer service is GREAT, and ordering actually is pretty painless in the end. Classic shaving is also (in my experience at least) a great vender.
Moses, I believe you're correct. After reading Classic Shaving's descriptions of the four, it appears Merkur only changes out the handles on the razors. I still like my 1904 though. I wonder if there were any way to get Merkur to just sell the handles if all the heads are identical after all...
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