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Merkur Blades

I think I had posted earlier that I was a little "meh" with the Merkur Blades. I am going to update that thought. These things actually just suck. I loaded them in all my razors, Red Tip, Super Adjustable, Merkur HD, just to get an across the board comparison, and I think they are just grabby little suckers. Lots of drag. I am now wondering if that is why my First Tabac Shave was lackluster. I have also used the CVS brand blades, I think they are personna, not sure, and Derby blades. The Derby are my favorites so far. I have on the way, some Sharks and wilkinsons from melyus, and some feathers are on the way as well. More to try.
Quite a few of us have found the Merkur blades to be sub-par; the fact that they cost more than just about anything that is not a Feather makes them a flat out rip off. :mad::mad:

I had a similar experience to you. I had been shaving with Derby's exclusively for about a month, and had some Merkurs sent to me with another product I ordered. I found them to pull, and drag like a 5 shave old Derby on the first shave out; in other words absolute crap!

It's remotely possible they might be better since my technique has sure to have improved since then, but with the higher cost of the Merkur blades, I have no desire to find out.
Your technique is probably ok. I've been doing this for about a year, and I say it's just the blade.
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