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Merkur Bakelite

Got a bakelite for xmas that I plan to use as my travel razor.. Had been using my EJ DE89 but the finish on it is so nice that I would prefer not to take it on the road. Just loaded it up with a blade this morning and will use it later today. Wow, does it put a HUGE curve in the blade. I think that's going to make it easy to use, but I'll see when I use it for the first time later today.
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You'll need to be careful until you get the sweet spot dialed in, but you're right -- the blade bends about 90 degrees IIRC.
The Merkur Bakelite is an outstanding razor. But if you travel with it, remember it is very fragile. Be sure to put it inside a sturdy box as a protection. I speak from experience.
Hmmm, I didn't know bakelite was fragile. That's not good news as I was hoping for something I didn't need to take as good care of as my nice shiny DE89. As for the razor ... I used it yesterday. I must say it is the most unusual thing I've shaved with. It's not just that it is phenominally light, the razor geometry is unusual. I really had a hard time finding the right angle. Since I had a Feather in it I was being particularly careful, and gentle, and ended up with a really lousy shave. I read lots of great comments about this razor which is why I bought it. So I'll keep working with it to see if I can get better with it. But if my first usage of it was like what I'll always get from it then it will soon appear on BST.
Yes, bakelite is fragile (if the Merkur 45 is in fact bakelite and I've seen that debated on the forum).

Here's my story. I purchased the razor from a reputable vendor on the east coast. It was shipped in a sturdy box. When it arrived at my home in California the safety bar of the razor's head was broken. The vendor replaced it and double boxed it for shipping. It then arrived safely.

All I'm saying is that packages in the postal system sometimes get thrown around. When traveling always pack carefully. if I travel with my Merkur 45, I place it in the center of my suitcase with clothing around it in all four directions. No problem.

I'm surprised you are not getting a good shave. Focus on proper angle, light presssure, and you might try experimenting with different blades. I have a faily tough and coarse beard and my Merkur 45 bakelite razor does a wonderful job. I highly recommend it.
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