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Merkur Adjustables, the HD, and Angle of Attack

I love my HD. I like my Progress.

The problem is, the AOA on the Progress is so shallow it is very difficult to find the proper angle.

Are the other two Merkur adjustables more in line with regard to the AOA that the HD has?

I can nick myself because of the difference of the AOA between the two razors.

*AOA = Angle of Attack

It is something you need to get used to and adjust for when switching. I used to spend a few seconds swinging my Futur about in my hand and finding the balance-point, after having used my HD for a while. It also took me some time to dial-in the right angle when switching to Gillettes.
Use the sound Luke. Use the sound.

I use the whisker whacker sound to help me keep the proper angle. It's very useful when I switch between razors in the rotation.

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