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Merkur 933 - Travel razor

I recently bought the Merkur 933 travel razor for my 2 week trip to Mexico. For those that are not familiar with this razor, it dismantles down into 4 pieces and packs into its own tiny leather pouch. This is an amazing razor, & I was blown away by the results using a feather blade & a 3 pass shave, using a Simpson Wee Scot brush.
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I have not got one myself but I have heard great things about them. It I traveled more then I would mostly likely invest in one. Do you think you will use it back home?
I thought about getting one for my travels. I travel a lot and try to pack smart. Maybe I'll replace my EJ with it.
Hi Wazza, the handle is a tad short, which I guess is part of the design & to keep weight on the low side. But to answer your question, yes I would, & have used it at home, I actually prefer the 933 to my Merkur Futur & slant. I think it's the same head as the 34C but I'm not 100% certain. I'd prefer to have a full size version for at home.

Nick 55 - you won't be disappointed I can assure you. You can easily fit a couple of spare blades with ease inside the leather pouch. The 933 & Simpson Wee Scot make a great compact combo that neither sacrifice on quality results.
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I soon will receive this Merkur Travel razor with closed comb.
How it's compared with Ej89/Muhle89 aggressiveness??
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