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Merkur 39C - A worthy addition

So I had to see what a shave with a slant was like. Loaded up the Merkur blade that was shipped with it, normal preshave routine for a shave with 2 days of growth. And started in with my usual 3 pass technique, still a newbie so it probably needs some work. It was a very easy and enjoyable shave. Not a lot of audible feed back that my ATT provides. Compared to my ATT with the Atlas handle, the 39C has some heft to it! While it was a close and smooth shave, for me, the ATT with the H2 provides a much closer result. However, the ATT takes an immense amount of concentration and care to get to a BBS level. I did not get quite to what I would call BBS with 39C. But on days that I have a 2+ day growth, and want a very close and easy shave without all the drama of the H2, I will turn to the 39C. The guy I bought the 39C from included 10 of the Merkur blades, will need to put these in my H2 for a go. He also included an Omega boar hair brush, talk about odoriferous! Hoping that a couple lathers with Proraso Green will tame the stink.

I think we need to push Stan at ATT to develop a slant lineup. We already know what to call them, closed comb slant will be H3, M3, R3 and the open comb slant will be H4, M4, R4. Need to get my pre-order in...
I would try a different blade.....the slants like a sharper blade.....personally I cant use the Merkur blades, they pull more on my beard. Try your normal blade and I think you will see an improvement.

Never used a Feather but a Gillette 7:00 Yellow or a PolSilver SI is fantastic in my 37C slant bar.
Loaded a Polsilver SI into the 39C, very nice indeed. Going to use the 39C the rest of the week. Still have not settled on a blade yet, but Polsilver SI has worked well for me in any of my razors. Have some Personna Med Preps on order. The 39C is different than my ATT H2, not better and not worse, just different, which is great. Enjoying the variety that wetshaving offers. The 39C definitely will always be in the rotation. Thanks for the insight on the Merkur blades. I did not get along with them in the ATT either.
I love my 39C with Feather blades.....I tried other blades and had settled on the Crystals but tried a Feather and got my best shave Ive had yet. The slant really works good with the sharper blades. I am getting my best, irritation free shaves that I have ever had with the 39C with the Feather blade.

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