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FS Merkur 34g, Gillette LC and SC, Rockwell 6C, Super Speed w/box, synthetics and a cheap razor

Hey everyone, selling some stuff I have no use for. CONUS only, shipping is $5-$10 depending on how much you buy at once. More than happy to provide better pictures of individual items if you'd like. If you're interested in the whole lot, I'd take $100 for it all + $10 shipping.

Pictured is:

Merkur 34g in great condition, lightly used - $35
Rockwell 6C (used but in great shape otherwise) - $36
Baili TTO razor (cheap brand, don't know much about it) - $6
Gillette Superspeed 1940's TTO w/ box (box has crack on one side of hinge, definitely not mint) - $20
Gillette New LC - $18
Gillette New SC - $23

Stirling Lil Brudder brush - $7
Omega Synthetic Hi-Brush - $8


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