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mergress vs futur

in a battle royal who would win?

Anybody have both?

Im thinking about pulling the trigger on one of them to replace- compliment my goodfella.

Its 2nd razor time now that i got my technique down and know what a want and i want a adjustable that is a bit more aggressive.
I have a Progress and Futur. I prefer the Progress. Honestly, it is a just a matter of personal tastes. I could carry on about why I believe the Progress is "better", but in the end it is just a personal preference. Both razors are dynamite shavers and both provide an excellent shave.
Well I had both, I just traded the Megress for a Kent BK8 if that tells you anything.:001_smile The Megress is a very good razor, but for my face the Futur just works better. I also have a Vision that I'm going to be getting rid of as well, the head is just to big for me. With the Megress I found myself bearing down a little to much, can you say razor burn:mad5: The Futur takes just a little while to get good with it, but once you do you'll never want to shave with anything else.

I have never shaved with a Progress or a Mergress so I han't comment on their shaving performance. This such a subjective thing that it's probably useless anyhow.

But I have held both razors in my hand, felt their heft an balance and examined their design and build quality.
In this light, to me, the Futur is the clear winner. I have used the Futur at least four times a week for a little over three years now. It is a totaly satisfactory shaving implement.
Hope this helps.
If you can swing it, both.

I started my DE shaving experience about 2-1/2 years ago or so. Thinking to myself "Blades for $.12 each, I can't lose!"

Over a dozen razors later and probably 20 different creams and soaps............

It's a hobby for me. The Futur is in a class all its own. That's what I'm using right now. Very cool looking razor. My jury is still out on the shaving aspect of it but it definitely gets a thumbs up for the coolness factor.

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