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Mergress Razors Are Back at BullGoose

We received a small batch of Mergress Razors from Eric Maier this morning. Eric has been modifying Merkur Progress razors since 2007 and, they have become a bit of a cult classic. For those unfamiliar, Eric calibrates the razors, smooths out their action and adds a stainless steel knob and a colored adjustment dot improving on an already great shaving razor. We receive these periodically and in small batches so make sure to grab one while you can.



I shaved a fortune
It’s blasphemy to remove the plastic knob. Should be illegal, in my opinion. The Progress is a special razor.

But I know people like these and they’re not available most of the time.
You almost inspired me to order one immediately. I’ve been called a heretic a few times in my life and that might be the perfect razor to confirm that. <eg>
I had my mind set on a Ranger Tech next... but these Mergress don't come around often so that may change. The plastic knob was always the deal breaker for me with the Progress.


I shaved a fortune

We are still out of the country so I haven’t been able to see and feel the two Megress razors I purchased, but I wanted to thank you for the immediate processing and shipments for them both.

I got one in both lengths. It’s sort of a posterity thing, I suppose. You never know when something available now will cease to be around in the not too distant future.
I love the Mergress XL. Its weight and balance are great and a very smooth shaving and efficient razor for me. I'm surprised they didn't sell out sooner. It fits well in the tall RR variable width SS inkwell stand. That's the only one I had big enough but its a good match.
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