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(Men's) Jewelry Boxes

I know there are a number of guys out there that value their accessories. You can tell by some of the special interest threads. I am really interested to see how everyone organizes their jewelry and accessories. Watch boxes are a fairly common item among collectors and many jewelry boxes have slotted sections that work well for rings and cuff links. What do you do for other items? And what about at home vs. travel?

I am mostly looking for some storage and organization solution for other items, tie bars, collar stays, lapel pins, and the like.

Please share some pictures of your storage solutions, or even your jewelry collections in storage to help share some ideas! I am sure there are some members here that have come up with far more elegant solutions than clusters of things in a box.


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I have no jewelry that comes off my body. Wedding ring stays on 24/7 and so does my necklace with my St. Michael pendant.


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I don’t have any jewelry boxes, per se, but I have a couple of nice old carved wooden boxes, and I keep stuff in those loose. I have one for watches, and another for cuff links, rings, edc pocket knives, etc.

I don’t know if it’s a “jewelry” box but I keep a few necklaces and my wedding ring in it. The cigar box next to it holds some reserved shave soap.
I finally got around to cleaning my study and while I was in there I took some photos of my jewelry box. I got it on eBay nearly 20 years ago and I haven’t been able to find another like it.

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I drop it in a dresser caddy I've had since HS graduation. Failing that, in the sock drawer. My class ring in is my wife's jewelry box, though. Since everything else is cheap tie tacks and a tie chain, there's really nothing to store.

FWIW, I once had a diamond chip tie tack and a semiprecious gem tie tack. The diamond chip tie tack ended up dropped, picked up in a tire, and discovered several hundred miles later. Not only was out a tie tack, had to get a tire patched. The semiprecious gem fell out of the other.
What you are actually looking for is called a men's valet. You can get jewelry inserts if the insides don't suit your needs.
I bought two of these for my cuff links and those I have "inherited" from my deceased father and father in law.
I am quite happy to date.

The only jewelry I own that's for wear is: two rings, a few watches, and a few sets of dog tags. These all stay in a wooden cigar box with room to spare.

My "other" jewelry is several spy rings, a few spy watches, my set of black dog tags, some challenge coins, some spent bullet brass, a few bullets that came out of me, and a few other sentimental items. These stay in a Plano tackle box.

No, I was never a spy. I don't have the personality for it.
Here's a two watchboxes i made for my uncle and close friend. You could easily take out one of the watch pillows and put rings or chains in it.

I will have to make a watchbox for myself, and put a few small drawers for chains and rings.