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Mens Essentials

Am I blind? All I can see mentioned is free shipping for orders over $50.

I got an email notification from MenEssentials,

The shipping will revert to free on a order at $25.00 & above at checkout until midnight Sunday May 17th,2009

Hope this helps :001_smile
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Just out of curiousity, did anyone pull the trigger on anything?

Maybe some Art of Shaving or Truefitt & Hill?
If anyone is interested MenEssentials is offering free shipping on orders $25.00 from now & up till
Sunday, 12:00 A.M 19th July,2009. :thumbup1:

They carry, AOS, Baxter's, Truefitt & Hill, Sharp's :tongue_sm Men-U, Barc
Check it out :w00t:

Nice deal!
They were out of Lemon Shave Soap and I didn't want unscented, but I did get one each of the lavendar, lemon and sandalwood balms.

I have the lavendar and sandalwood gels and had wanted the balms so it looks like I'm all set on AFBs for a while.
I ordered my stuff on 10/15 and got it today.
They don't have much left but if anyone's interested in what they've got (including AOS Unscented Shave Soap) they're 40% off and $5.99 for shipping.
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