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MEN - U Products Deeply Discounted With Free Shipping.

I was browsing at the wet shaver group on MSN and came across this. I might be buying some of the Facial scrub and moisturizer. I've been hearing good things about it. Any of you guys have tried Men-U products?

From: Cypwood1

men-u Grooming
Products for Men

Developed and manufactured in the UK, men-u is a revolutionary new line of high
performance, ultra concentrated men's shaving, skin care, hair &
shower products in handy travel size bottles. Simple and effective
products made just for guys.MEN-U specializes in Wet Shaving. http://www.men-uusa.com/

MEN - U is available at 300 Locations in the U.S.A. The products are used and sold at " Men's Salons" MEN-U is also carried in the professional section of "Ulta" stores. My contact person is the Managing Director of U.S. Operations. This person is making the entire product line available to "The Wet Shavers Group" and to our friends at the other shaving sites.

The special price we have arranged as follows:

All orders $40.00 or more will receive a 22 % Discount in addition to Free UPS Ground Service. ( you will receive Free Shipping , even if the 22% off, brings your order below $40.00 )

Orders less then $40.00 will receive 22% off. However, shipping will be $4.99

This special price will be good through November 23, 2005.

When you are ready to checkout. The discount code is DJG.

At this time your discount will be applied.


BTW : MEN-U products are 100 % guaranteed. No questions asked !

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I just got some myself.
I ordered the shave kit, and added one of the synthetic brushes. So far its very different, but efficient. I'll report after I've used the stuff a bit longer. I will say already that I like the after shave conditioner stuff. I also notice that the tiny amount of cream that works with the synthetic brush quite well, is well, absorbed completely by my lather-hog SMF brush.
More to follow.
John P.
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